Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hammer Time by way of Seth Godin

Seth's Blog: Hammer time: "One study found that when confronted with a patient with back pain, surgeons prescribed surgery, physical therapists thought that therapy was indicated and yes, acupuncturists were sure needles were the answer. Across the entire universe of patients, the single largest indicator of treatment wasn't symptoms or patient background, it was the background of the doctor."

This is not only the biggest problem in marketing, it's the same for programmers. Day in and day out I work with programmers that continue to use only the tools they used up until then. Likewise, every new technique or software tool they inevitably compare to the tools they already used. Of course the new ones are found lacking.

Side effects of this are easy to spot:

  • Long delivery times
  • Open programmer frustration
    Poorly built code
  • Falling back strictly on old techniques and tools

I've seen all of these on my current team. Some of this from programmers with years of seniority. It's also been true of consultants I've seen. Color me unforgiving, but someone called into be a code hitman should jump at the chance to learn something new.

Surprisingly, some of these skills are the very things that would improve their marketability. Skills they may consider of limited use will be skills that the next person who submits a resume won't have.

It's not enough to get the team to have an expert on a tool or technique. Joe Expert will become a road block when that tool or technique is the best one for the problem.

Challenge yourself and your team today. Go get your heads around all of the tools you have in your tool bags today and the tools you've only heard of.

You might just see some side benefits of learning new tools and techniques. Your manager might as well.

  • Improved throughput
  • Improved code quality
  • Happier coders
  • Coders that aren't just biding their time to leave

Saturday, July 11, 2009

One Day, sand art, close up profile

Lovely sand art work created by a guy that goes by Sandman.
He's been hired on a recurring basis by a nearby church. Each time he crafts a huge sand sculpture. The last one was a rather impressive bald eagle.

Amazing details, and the work survives for a long period. This particular one has survived several thunderstorms.


Saturday, January 31, 2009

If I had easy access to a helicopter, I'd fly to Bermuda this weekend

Bermuda is a beautiful island. It's soft coral sand beaches, the beautiful weather, and friendly people make this a great place to visit.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Utterli - Blog Traffic Driver

A lot of bloggers out there are looking for more ways to drive traffic. A goodly portion of them are looking into social networking and social media to do that.

Most overlook the obvious though, posting where the audience is. This could mean that you need to bring the topics, writing and etc into the realm your real audience is at. This can also mean going online to where your readers are.

Utterli really allows you to address both of those. Through straight observation of my own stream of posts here, and how the impact they have, I've been drawn to that conclusion.

Utterli has turned out to turn up surprisingly well on search traffic. The stats aren't revealed but based on the pass through on partial posts here to my primary blog, it turns up a fair amount of my blog hits.

Utterli supports multimedia posts. The best part, it's easy to include. This allows you to share a photograph, video, written word, or audio, or all of the above. This works great for sharing a post that contains a recording which is transcribed in the text portion. Makes it searchable as well.

Utterli has a receptive viewing audience. Again, just my own observation here, but it's not unusual for a typical post here of mine to get well over 100 hits with some around 800 or more hits.

Utterli has another benefit, you can blog from anywhere. The Utterli mobile page works great for getting a blog post out to your blog, with the added benefit of instant cross posting.

Yes, cross-posting. Utterli was the original post once, post many platform. Before and the sort, you could do that here on Utterli. Utterlie integrates with several of the most popular social networking and media services as well as all types of blogging platforms.

I've posted posts from my Blackberry already. I've posted from here to YouTube, Blogger, Twitter, Wordpress, and more. Added bonus, tags carry through.

So if you want to be able to reach your audience where they are you don't have to log into all of those services or post to them, you can post here, once.

You can even share posts you've placed here later or multiple times to each of the associated platforms. Posts here also have permalinks, and allow discussion.

Before Seesmic was usable in comments, you could leave full multimedia comments here on Utterli. And, bonus!, comments here show up on pushed through posts to the blogs as a comment counter.

So before you go looking to spend lots of time on other platforms trying to post in 20 places, consider using Utterli as a distribution tool. I've found it even works great for older content you want to give folks a fresh look at.

Drop by today and give it a try.


Tojosan, @tojosan on Twitter

The Broad Brush -…broadbrush

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween is upon us...

It’s that time again, time for Halloween. This year I’d like to do something new; I’d like to send out Halloween greeting cards.

Pictured above, spookily so I hope, is what one type of card looks like. I’ve got about 16 on hand and would love to send all of them out before next week.


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Monday, September 08, 2008

Blackberry in Repose

Blackberry in Repose
Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
One with the Blackberry and still enjoying the new toy feel.

Friday, May 16, 2008

End of week one at the new digs

The Broad Brush is now at . Please stop by.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lost in my cloud

Friday, February 22, 2008

SOBCon08 Contest - Help me win!

Click here…8-contest/ and then follow any of the links on that page to the SOBCon08 site. Every hit counts. Help me win my way there.

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Mother-in-law status

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Social networking overload?

Or is it spreading yourself too thin. How many social networking sites do you belong to, and how many are trying to get you to aggregate your contacts there? Most evident in my case is Plaxo and Spock. The invites have been coming in from folks I know on other networks, because those people have just joined up. But is it worth doing, or will some of those networks go by the way side?


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Monday, February 11, 2008

Going to SOBCon08 - Help me win my way there!

I'm heading to SOBCon08 this year. Help me get payed to attened. That's right; I can go for free if enough you click through to the SOBCon08 site from my blog.

Here's a great link if you'd love to help me go for free. Will save me near $1000.

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