Sunday, August 28, 2005

Christian Soldiers...

I read a scary article today. Apparently a religious group, labeling themselves as Christians, has visited the funerals of two soldiers being buried in Tennessee. They showed signs and spoke out saying the following, paraphrasing..

"God hates f*gs", "God is taking out vengence on American soldiers for defending a country that supports g*ys"

Talk about scary. Being a Christian, I can tell you, as far as I've been instructed, that neither of these could be true about God. I was taught that because God is holy; He can't abide sin. But, God loves us all, inspite of the fact we all sin. The Bible makes clear that since we all sin, none of us is holy by ourselves, no matter what our sins, whether we believe them small or large. But God provided a way to impute holiness to us by way of Jesus. (See John 3:16) (The point being, if they believe this is biblical, then their own sin would require the same vengence.)

Anyway, my point being...folks should take with a grain of salt anyone claiming to be a Christian or Muslim, or whatever religion, and using that as a reason for hate. Everyone should step back and compare what that group says to what the core beliefs of that religion are before taking at face value that the actions of such a group represents the beliefs of the group they claim to be part of.

Anyone can claim to be Jewish or Muslim or any religion, but listening to what they say and how they live their lives should give you a clue whether they are walking the walk of that religion or if they are somewhere out in left field.

The world has enough people hating, and not enough sin hating.
Hopefully the actions of these individuals will cause us each to reevaluate where we are at in our own religious walk.


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