Saturday, August 13, 2005

EverQuest II

EverQuest II

If you aren't playing this game yet.....well join the crowd. Lots of folks out there have opted to join some other grind besides Sony's.

Worlds of Warcraft has been drawing people in like flies.

And if you'd think with a couple million players between them, that only RPGs would be done.....NOT.

A more recent game to the fold is Guild Wars. These folks offer something the other two big guys don't . . . free online play. That's right, free, after you buy the game at retail.

All three involve the staples, quests, upgrades, and multiplayer. All offer a somewhat different take. But all three have a couple of big things in common:
1) big graphics requirements
2) big bandwidth requirements

So what's a guy to do with an old p4 or below with a 64meg graphics card, and a dialup connection?

Why of course, play game like the ones that started it all, a text based mud or much or mush...pick your poison.

Long before graphics based RPGs were around, text based RPGs abounded.
Want quests? they have them in spades, some have thousands
Want progress? all but a few chat type only muds have level advancement to spare
Tired of being paladin x? most muds not only support adventure professions, but also combat specialization, cross adventure type skills, and things that you though S*E invented, like crafting.

And what about those of us who might just want to chat more than slay some nasty creature of myth or fantasy?

There are always the classic furry and nonfurry online worlds. Search on furry and muck to find my favorite classic muck.

If this just sparks your interest, check out one of my favorite sites and search on muds, mucks, and mush. You are bound to find something you find interesting.

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