Sunday, August 28, 2005

Gaming offline...

I'm getting ready to start a new venture, offline gaming!

Short rant...too many kids today are shut ins! End rant.

My family knows several children that are basically in this category. The major contributing factors at first glance appear two-fold:
1) too little money
2) too much money

Those with too little claim they can't affor the things the rich kids have - gaming consoles, computers, movie tickets

Those with an excess claim they can't find any interesting good toys to own.

The real problem is singe fold: lack of education (note to readers: single facet perspective, other view points may exist)

By lack of education, I don't mean a lack of schooling. This isn't one I'll be blaming on our school system, our govenment, or the local city council. This one I lay on the parents.

Parents today have failed to educate their children how to have fun, inside and out.

When I was growing up, ohhhh sooo very long ago, we weren't in possession of video games, VCRs, DVDs, and personal computers. So our parents taught us to play the old fashioned way, by hand. :)

In my child hood, my friends and I played long extinct games like tag, old maid and checkers. I purpose to bring a little of that old fashioned goodness to some children, assuming their parents can drag them away from their bored depressions.

We plan to teach any willing children how to play some simple card games, as well as introducing them to some good old board games. To mention just a few, I believe good ones to teach them would include old maid, rummy, spades, and even soliataire.

For simple board games, we were thinking checkers, yacht, and some simple branded games.

The idea is to provide an introduction to playing games that don't have expensive components, are easy to pick up, and are almost universal.

As an incentive or reward, I'm considering giving away playing cards, or some of the games they learn to play.

One thing I've always found is that you can alway spare room for a deck of cards, no matter how light your travel. Also you can't alway bring the ......... (put your console here), nor can you always afford a ..........(put your hand held here), but I've never been any place I couldn't take playing cards.

If anyone out there has any suggestions or comments, please toss me a line!

Be swell,

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