Thursday, August 11, 2005

I've been working on Java code lately at work.

It is a big departure from my normal flow and RPG coding. However it is definitely more interesting.

Z-ADD1 MYTOT is how you add 1 to a value in RPG

MYTOT++; in java.
You tell me...

of course in RPG, you open a file at the beginning of your code...

FMYFILE I F - opens MYFILE for input

in java, something like Inputstream myfilestream = new Inputstream(myfilelocation);

RPG wins on that count.

The current version of RPG in use where I work does not support an object oriented model internally. The newer RPG version supports functions and exposing them externally.

My big fun has been working with X509Certificates and CRLs etc. Oh the joy...

More later,

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