Saturday, August 20, 2005

Movies, movies!

Seen any good flicks this year?
My wonderful wife and I started our relationship going to a movie and after 21 years, we are still at it.

The funny thing is I'm writing this knowing we'll likely be skipping our 2nd weekend in a row without hitting the theatre. :(

But in the redux, that ain't all that bad. We've seen our share this year....
Batman Begins - wife and I
Mr and Mrs Smith - family
Fantastic Four - wife and I
KungFu Hustle - son and I
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - wife and I
War of the Worlds - wife and I
The Island - wife and I
The Longest Yard - son and I
Herbie: Fully Loaded - wife and I
Revenge of the Sith - family
Sin City - wife and I
Sky High - family
Unleashed - family
Hide and Seek - wife and I
Constantine - wife and I
Robots - wife and I
The Pacifier - family
Guess Who - wife and I
Coach Carter - wife and son
Hitchhiker's Guide - wife and I
Beauty Shop - wife and I
Hitch - son only
Boogeyman - wife and I we see a few movies. The above list is just movies watched in the theatre. Renting movies isn't something we do often around here but there have been a few...
The Machinist
White Noise
Miss Congeniality 2
The House of Flying Daggers
The Prince and Me
The Princess Diary 2
Thirteen going on 30

So about you? Do you get popcorn? Watch at home? DVD or VHS? Pay per view or regular cable? Candy?

We are regular as pie on our choice - buttered popcorn and drinks, usually diet pepsi or water
Our theatre chain of choice here are Wehrenbergs -

Pet peeves about theatre going...well, that will have to wait on another post.

Be safe, go see a flick,

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