Friday, August 26, 2005

Nintendogs for Nintendo DS

Well, if you haven't rushed out and purchased this game for your DS, you should seriously think about it.

The game is highly interactive but presents a whole different concept for rewarding the player.

At the start, cash in hand, you visit your local kennel and select from the various starting breeds a puppy to purchase. Each breed selected will present both male and female of that breed as well as some small color variations.

From there you take your puppy home and begin to train and play with him or her.

The fun is in the training! Your new pet can learn old standbys of a real life pet, such as sit, roll over and play dead, as well as ones my dog won't do, like spin, and jump.

A buddy of mine has also been exploring another neat feature, the ability to enter your pet into contests. Three types of contests are available: agility, obedience, and disc.

Basically they equate to an obstacle course, a freesbie catch, and , um, well , obedience.

There are a few other nifty things to do in the game, but check it out for yourself if you are a DS owner.


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