Friday, August 19, 2005

The quest for take out pizza..worth taking out..

Our family has almost a tradition that Friday nights are pizza night. Over time that's come to mean pizza and wings. Recently we've broken the routine of always ordering from the same place.
Branching out has been a mixed bag.
Here are the places we've tried so far, with comparisons of options
Pizza Hut - will deliver, has wings, other sides
Domino's - will deliver, has wings, one other side
Big Guys Pizza and Video - will deliver, no wings, several other sides
Bino's Pizzeria - will deliver, wings, several other sides

As you can see, they mostly offer what we're after, ha. But just how do they compare in other categories? What about timeliness?

PH is literaly a few blocks away and inspite of themselves always beat their estimate on time.
Domino's again is a few blocks away and they also delivered within half an hour, after claiming 45 mins.
Big Guys - we didn't get a chance to order yet
Bino's - delivery was estimated at 45 and was here about 10 mins shorter.

So far even up!

Ok, so delivery and food options are pretty much even, what's left? Taste!

We've been big PH fans for years, back from when getting a single pizza with one topping and no extras, and felt happy to scrape out the money to afford that. hehe. But to be fair to our taste buds we've branched out recently.

PH - pizza is consistent but on the greasy side, lots of conventional toppings, but few unusual ones. typically the pizza is hot and fresh. cheese is liberaly applied, with the crust pretty consistent also. Overall good taste and quality.

Dom - pizza is consistent but decidedly a different taste than PH. Less greasy, and less sauce, regardless of how ordered. Only place we've gotten no sauce before. You basically get one type of crust, but Dom's formulaic type process is dang consistent. They also have all the standard meat toppings, but also a few pepper choices, pineapple, and sometimes the local place might have another odd one out. Overall good taste and quality.

Big Guys - only tried once! pizza crust only came in thin style, but was not the typical St. Louis style pizza (cracker like) but soft. They had all the standard toppings available, and we chose the meat cravers. They also had fire roasted veges, pickles and jalapenos for toppings. The pizza was fairly decent but the no wings option is a big negative for us. However, they offer toasted ravoili and off all things, little smokie sides. As an added bonus, the combo is a 2liter, large pizza, and a movie. Their movies selection include many recent DVD releases, and there was a significant number of copies on the shelf.

Binos - our first try tonight. The pizza choices were generous and so were the side dish choices. In addition, they offer sandwhiches, salads, and more. We chose the two orders of the special, medium pizza and wings. For wings choices though, they offer only hot hot wings, and bbq wings. We opted for the bbq. The pizza was average overall at best. It was greasy, and yet the crust was very crisp and very thin. Toppings were generous enough but not overly tasty. The wings were sadly not even as good as the ones at my work's cafeteria.

Overall, the branching out thing has indicated to me that there is a reason that PH and Doms dominate the biz in our area. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be probably trying a few more local places. If you live in the greater St. Charles, MO area, please leave me a suggestion or three.


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