Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Boston and brews...

Ok, so my bud at work is off to Boston and a conference, http://www.mikejorgensen.com, and now he writes in his blog!

His first blog post in ages and he makes it from out of town. At least he had the decency(sp?) to write about food and beer. :)

Hopefully he will actually fill us in on some conference highlights and make an actual blog posting.
Pictures would also be nice, as he seems to have a knack for that sort of thing.

See you on the flipside,

New old desk..finally!

Just a quick note, the desk is downstairs!
A friend of mine, Scott, came over and we were able to bring down my first real desk!
A picture I'll post but it won't be appreciated by most.

It's nothing fancy and no hutch, but the solidness of it is to be truly appreciated.
Cathca later,

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dearly Departed....

Well, the summer season is finally over, and we say 'see you later' to our favorite shows...
Wife and I shows:
The Closer on TNT
The 4400 on USA Network
Dead Zone on USA Network

My own:
Battlestar Galactica on SciFi
Stargate on SciFi
Stargate Atlantis on Scif


Thank goodness for Tivo! The movie and TV industry has it all wrong. Thanks to the invention of Tivo, recording shows to watch is now much easier. This sounds bad for them at first, but consider, one of the leading reasons I didn't watch some of these shows before was being unable to easily record them. Now the potential commercial time for me has jumped an order of magnitude thanks to my increased exposure.

They have to realize some of us rarely watched commercials before the Tivo, but I watched less televsion...now with Tivo, I can spread that viewing out, record more and watch more...thus potentially seeing more commercials without them forcing them on me.

When will the industry wake up and realize that going down the force feed path is going to backfire.

Be swell, and welcome to the latest season of TV.

Phoenix Rising - my new EQ2 guild - follow up

PR is turning out to be a fun guild to be part of.
They group together often, raid the big things, explore old and new territory, and support even those slackers like me that don't play megahours.

If you play Everquest II and our on Oggok server, give them folks a shout.

Their latest efforts are in exploring the Desert of Flames expansion. There is a ton of new content, including quests, mobs, and zones. PR is on the leading edge for discoveries and advancements in this new area.

Overall, I'm liking the guild for now. They are really supportive of my play time so far, even though I'm not online nearly as much as most of them.

More later,

Pizza again....

As you've seen in my earlier posts, pizza is a regular dinner choice in our house.

The latest departure from our normal Pizza Hut routine was to try St. Louis Pizza and Wings.
I honestly don't know if they are part of a chain or just exist out here, so I leave it to the reader to figure that out.

The order was one large all of the meats you can eat pizza and three orders of wings. The wings were bbq, sweet bbq, and teryaki.

Price: on par with other restaurants

Pizza taste: good qaulity, fresh, and hotter than some - the crust was not as thick as most regular cust pizzas and was cut in squares, like Imo's.

Wings: the wings we ordered in three flavors to give them a fair shake. None of the flavors were outstanding in their flavor category, but were average. The texture of the glazing was probably a detractor. The wings were sticky rather more than we like. On the upside, the wings were definitely not as scrawny in terms of size and weight. The company did not pick the smallest wing pieces they could find for sure!

Overall value: Good
Overall taste: Average
Will we be ordering from them over the big PH again soon????? not likely
Will we give them another try?? definitely at some point

NOTE: If you want just the wings, we've had some succcess with a place called the Wing Stop.

Movies movies!

Recent movies we've taken in:

Transporter 2: This movie is a sequal to the Transporter. The protoganist is a professional driver. That is the biggest understatement ever in a movie. An ex special forces soldier, this guy makes his living transporting packages of any type. In this sequal, he transports a young child of the man who heads up drug enforcement in the US. The action is crazy with stunts you are more likely to see in more cinematic martial arts movies.

One of my favorite scenes almost makes this movie worth the rent even if you think the plot, acting, and etc aren't worth it ---- the firehose fight scene! If you can catch a clip of this movie, you might be hooked. This will be on my to be purchased list for martial arts movies.

The Brothers Grimm: Let me just say the trailers lead you to believe this movie will be better than it really is. Also, this is not a movie for children. There are deaths, shootings, drunkeness, explosions, and trees that attack people. The plot is a mismash of just about every fairy tale you've ever been told, Grimm's or otherwise. The premise is that the brothers are destroyers of demons and ghosts by trade, and are put to the task of saving one out of the way village in French occupied Germany. Needless to say the brothers get more than they bargained for.

If you are one who wants logic, even if fantastic logic, in your movies, don't waste your hard earned coin on this one. If you just want to see Damon and Ledger in another movie, well, then go see it. This will not be on our rental or to be purchased list.

Lord of War: DON'T TAKE YOUR CHILDREN! This movie is sure to offend even if it clearly is against all of the values of the main character. The movie is preachy and most definitely speaks out against violence, a lack of concern for the repurcusions of your actions, sex out side of marriage, lieing to your spouse..man the hammer keeps falling.

The story is told from the perspective of the main character retelling his life. How he came to be who he is and why he ends up as he does. My wife and I could have enjoyed the movie more for several reasons, but these mostly include the language, nudity, and the in your face bloodbath. I don't believe I've ever seen someone hacked to death before this.

To be fair, the movie is preaching against all of those things. Even the person involved in them knows they are the wrong choices and he should be punished. Amazingly this movie has a strong moral message; sadly I can't tell if it's a liberal or conservative one. :)

More later....but in summary, ifyou have to see one of these, see Transporter 2.