Sunday, September 18, 2005

Dearly Departed....

Well, the summer season is finally over, and we say 'see you later' to our favorite shows...
Wife and I shows:
The Closer on TNT
The 4400 on USA Network
Dead Zone on USA Network

My own:
Battlestar Galactica on SciFi
Stargate on SciFi
Stargate Atlantis on Scif


Thank goodness for Tivo! The movie and TV industry has it all wrong. Thanks to the invention of Tivo, recording shows to watch is now much easier. This sounds bad for them at first, but consider, one of the leading reasons I didn't watch some of these shows before was being unable to easily record them. Now the potential commercial time for me has jumped an order of magnitude thanks to my increased exposure.

They have to realize some of us rarely watched commercials before the Tivo, but I watched less with Tivo, I can spread that viewing out, record more and watch more...thus potentially seeing more commercials without them forcing them on me.

When will the industry wake up and realize that going down the force feed path is going to backfire.

Be swell, and welcome to the latest season of TV.

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