Sunday, September 18, 2005

Movies movies!

Recent movies we've taken in:

Transporter 2: This movie is a sequal to the Transporter. The protoganist is a professional driver. That is the biggest understatement ever in a movie. An ex special forces soldier, this guy makes his living transporting packages of any type. In this sequal, he transports a young child of the man who heads up drug enforcement in the US. The action is crazy with stunts you are more likely to see in more cinematic martial arts movies.

One of my favorite scenes almost makes this movie worth the rent even if you think the plot, acting, and etc aren't worth it ---- the firehose fight scene! If you can catch a clip of this movie, you might be hooked. This will be on my to be purchased list for martial arts movies.

The Brothers Grimm: Let me just say the trailers lead you to believe this movie will be better than it really is. Also, this is not a movie for children. There are deaths, shootings, drunkeness, explosions, and trees that attack people. The plot is a mismash of just about every fairy tale you've ever been told, Grimm's or otherwise. The premise is that the brothers are destroyers of demons and ghosts by trade, and are put to the task of saving one out of the way village in French occupied Germany. Needless to say the brothers get more than they bargained for.

If you are one who wants logic, even if fantastic logic, in your movies, don't waste your hard earned coin on this one. If you just want to see Damon and Ledger in another movie, well, then go see it. This will not be on our rental or to be purchased list.

Lord of War: DON'T TAKE YOUR CHILDREN! This movie is sure to offend even if it clearly is against all of the values of the main character. The movie is preachy and most definitely speaks out against violence, a lack of concern for the repurcusions of your actions, sex out side of marriage, lieing to your the hammer keeps falling.

The story is told from the perspective of the main character retelling his life. How he came to be who he is and why he ends up as he does. My wife and I could have enjoyed the movie more for several reasons, but these mostly include the language, nudity, and the in your face bloodbath. I don't believe I've ever seen someone hacked to death before this.

To be fair, the movie is preaching against all of those things. Even the person involved in them knows they are the wrong choices and he should be punished. Amazingly this movie has a strong moral message; sadly I can't tell if it's a liberal or conservative one. :)

More later....but in summary, ifyou have to see one of these, see Transporter 2.


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