Sunday, September 18, 2005

Pizza again....

As you've seen in my earlier posts, pizza is a regular dinner choice in our house.

The latest departure from our normal Pizza Hut routine was to try St. Louis Pizza and Wings.
I honestly don't know if they are part of a chain or just exist out here, so I leave it to the reader to figure that out.

The order was one large all of the meats you can eat pizza and three orders of wings. The wings were bbq, sweet bbq, and teryaki.

Price: on par with other restaurants

Pizza taste: good qaulity, fresh, and hotter than some - the crust was not as thick as most regular cust pizzas and was cut in squares, like Imo's.

Wings: the wings we ordered in three flavors to give them a fair shake. None of the flavors were outstanding in their flavor category, but were average. The texture of the glazing was probably a detractor. The wings were sticky rather more than we like. On the upside, the wings were definitely not as scrawny in terms of size and weight. The company did not pick the smallest wing pieces they could find for sure!

Overall value: Good
Overall taste: Average
Will we be ordering from them over the big PH again soon????? not likely
Will we give them another try?? definitely at some point

NOTE: If you want just the wings, we've had some succcess with a place called the Wing Stop.

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