Monday, October 03, 2005

And so it begins...

The new season is upon us and I don't mean Fall! It's the new TV season and woah are there some shows on.

Myself, I'm pretty self limiting. There is only so much TV I can watch before burn out sets in. Luckily technology makes watching TV much more pleasant and less time consuming.

The big ones I'll be watching this season are all the CSI shows and NCIS. After that, everything else is optional.

Shows we are planning on catching hit and miss(some more one that the other):
Smallville - can this show still be good, where is it going?
Bones - new crime procedural with a twist, is there enough of a hook to draw me off of CSI?
Numbers - hmm, can this premise produce more interesting episodes? can they really find that many plots where they can make the math interesting and not incredibly hokey?
A couple of those alien invasion dramas...can any of those be worth even watching twice?

My wife is going to be trying to watch Without A Trace on CBS and maybe Ghost Whisperer. Neither holds much interest for me.

The best thing about technology today is that those shows will last me way past the end of the season, since I can't watch that much TV in a week. So I figure June before we watch the seaons finals LOL.


Street Smart

There is a nonprofit organization local to the St. Charles, MO area known as Street Smart.

One of the primary things this team does is put people willing to donate vehicles, time, or money in touch with those in need. There are lots of families out there in need of transportation of even the most basic kind to preserve their jobs and their families.

If you would seek your heart in this area, that would be wonderful. As for me, I've seen their work first hand, and can tell you they are on my prayer list.

Street Smart is not part of a church nor tied to a religious organization. I'm not affiliated with them directly, but they are good folks. Send me a note if you are interested in helping this organization in any way or getting a copy of the Federal Tax Exemption paperwork. They don't have a website at this time, but I'm going to encourage them to get one.


Sunday, October 02, 2005

Movie: A History of Violence

Good flick...
Things I learned:
1. if you are going to bother shooting someone, make sure you hit them enough times to kill them
2. just because a man looks like a laid back small towner don't mean he can't kick your tail
3. your wife will still think you're hot if you kill people in your front yard
4. townsfolk love store owners who blow people away in their stores
5. if someone tells you twice you are going to be sorry, perhaps you might listen to him, before he makes you dead
6. guns only work if you get to fire them
7. if you hear a gunfight behind a door and you think the wrong guy won, don't wait for the door to open
8. stairs...mmm...stairs...

Overall better than some films we've seen recently. The acting was good, the characters engaging, butt kicking, a steamy married relationship, and the inevitable underestimating of the protagonist by the peeps that know him.

This film had violence, sex(clothed but 2 very intense scenes), one flash, deep emotions, gore!, and an adult concept. Not recommended for under 17.

It is really not an action flick. The film's about redemption and acceptance. The big question is can a man change? Does it matter? If you can kill someone in a few seconds...are you a killer? Can you truly leave your past behind?

There are really only three action scenes in the movie. In each, more than one person is killed. Guns and hand to hand is pretty much it. No knives, staffs, or etc. This is not about a martial arts master but this guy sure can put the hurt on folks in short order.

All in all, I'd recommend this for adults who are not easily tempted to some of the things in this film. The story has a slow pace, even during part of the action. Don't go see it for the action.

Enjoy enjoy...more to come on other movies as we get to them.

Things to do...

Things I'm trying to do less of
1. Get impatient with others
2. Worry about tomorrow
3. Let other's actions cause me to react with fruitless anger

Things I'm going to try to do more of
1. pray for my coworkers
2. pray for my friends and family
3. spend time reading the bible.
4. sharing knowledge with others
5. cooking dinner

Things I'll probably not give up too soon
1. CSI
2. movies
3. hot buttered popcorn

Just passing thoughts on things...