Wednesday, December 28, 2005

EverQuest II - holiday

In EQ 2 this year, they are celebrating Frostfell. Not exactly Christmas, but you have elves and presents, and snow and decorations, and a well decorated tree...

The biggest part of this time are the free gifts and the one big quest to rescue the elven holiday queen. The gifts are mostly room adornments, such as music boxes and such. Rescueing the king rewards you with a red elf hat and a snow globe of your choice. Pretty amazing snow globe actually for an online game. Tech has come a long way.

Additionally, you can purchase holiday themed candles, present boxes to place in your room, and stockings and chandeliers.

All in all, not a bad experience for their community.



Well for most folks the Christmas holiday is over. Some of us are still being slugs though and still have time off.

For us, the big meals are done, the presents are opened, and the family visits are over. How about you?

My best gift was the visiting with family. Though the Dilbert DVD is a close second.
I'll have to post a review later.

This week though has been slow. I think it is the anticlimax of all the build up for this big holiday celebration. It is odd too being off work with my wife and son also being off. We don't usually get to spend this amount of time together all at once.

For me, I'm still rising early and staying up late. The kid is sleeping in every day, and my wife, somewhat in between.

All in all, it's good to have a quiet life sometimes.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

A friend's Christmas picture

Now how many of your friends sent you one of these pictures?
Jim is an old buddy of mine, the dog and I aren't too close though. :)

More to come,

Two of my cool neices!

Okay, so they are making faces...but you'd be amazed how many pictures they gave me with those faces!


Phoenix Rising

As some of you know, I play EQ2. My current main's guild is Phoenix Rising on the Oggok server. This guild is raid and hunt focused, with some folks of course heavy into quests and crafting, and all of them big into chatting.

Our new website is:

Thanks to Osiri for hosting, programming, and setup! The new site contains forums as well as a raid point database.

Check us out if you visit our little corner of EQ2.
aka Potlox

oh yeah...

Cool gifts received this year...
sweet homebaked bread
Marilyn Monroe retrospective book
dragon calendar

What was in your stocking?!

More thoughts on this day....

not much else to say right now but that we all had a good Christmas weekend so far.

Friday was a very pleasant visit from my wife's brother and his brood. His wife and their three children showed up. Two from college and one just finishing up high school.

The coolest thing for me was talking to my tech savy nieces. Both of them are online and into tech as a part of their lives. Both have thier own laptops, post/read forums on the internet, and use technology as part of their lives. One is a writer at the moment while the other is heading into graphics design. Both are very creative!

Anyway, yesterday was family Christmas at my mom's house. Brother and his family were there as well as my aunt, uncle and thier son. A good time, good food, and of course gifts.

Just a note, it seems like everyone I run into now has gotten a portable music device of some sort for Christmas. iRivers, iPods, Sandisk players... it goes on and on.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Instant Messenger rocks

As an added bonus this Christmas, we are able to chat with our son in Iraq thanks to modern technology. We are using Trillian on our side, while he is using Yahoo's standar client. The base provides an area with laptops connected to the internet for all the troops in his area to share.

They have them installed with various instant messenger clients as well as some with web cams. Till today we were unable to receive the webcam stuff, but we just upgraded to Trillian Pro.

Anyway, it's significantly better than the random letters that might have been exchanged in days of old. Real time rocks!

Merry Christmas and thanks to all those geeks who just couldn't let go of the idea of chatting with friends in far away places.


Blog blog blog...

What's on your blog?
What's your favorite blog?
Any big holiday blogs for you?

Have you checked out Google's own blog at


Christmas Dinner

Got ham??

We are having ham, mashed tators, salad, rolls and deserts...yum!

Yesterday was ham at mom's house with odd things...quiche, mexican seven layer salad, olives, crackers and chees, and deer sausage...crazy stuff.

Hope you are having a great day!

Merry Christmas

gifts and and getting...
Civ IV
Dilbert TV Series on DVD
Fantastic Four DVD
gift cards
Bible Study Library
Ahh, it's all good.

But let us not forget the best gift of all this season, Jesus Christ!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

D&D Beta Screenies