Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Family Stone

Movie review - feel free to skip if you don't rent, buy or otherwise go see movies

The Family Stone has a cast of players you will probably recognize from other movies and TV shows, most notably Sarah Jessica Parker and the guy from Coach, Craig T. Nelson. The movie is yet another love story comedy, (YALSC). The plot is a bit convoluted getting to the point but it turns out to be a bit obvious how things are going to turn out. I won't spoil the ending for you.

Overall the movie had some really funny moments and suprisingly some really endearing ones. Believe it or not, I actually got choked up at one point.

There were few really inspired moments though. Or more accurately there were one or two that just kept being in your face over and over and over. Let me just say one thing - racially mixed gay deaf couple. Now just imagine the repeats play on that one.

The movie takes place at Sarah's fiancies family's house. The whole gang shows up and she has to face off against them. Most of the movie centers around that conflict and all that goes with it.

Not soo funny moment - the rant against gays, deaf people and racially mixed couples

Most out of place over the top - wild drunken bar behavior

Most out of place slapstick - spilled breakfast casserole, if you saw the previes, you've seen all the good stuff to be had here

Inspite of my somewhat negative critique, the movie was overall fun and a good movie for couples.

Definitely worth renting.


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