Saturday, January 14, 2006

Movie: Last Holiday

If you like Queen Latifah, then you'll like this movie. She's over the top and solid as usual. This is a movie about chosing to truly live, to live out all those little and big desires you keep putting off for some other time, a time you'll be 'living'.

This movie has the Queen off and running in a far off resort. Hanging with politico's, corporate moguls, and a famous chef!

QL was her usual funny self and everyone else is just in her orbit. In preperation for this movie, she spent some time training to cook. Not enough to become a world class chef, but enough to not look the fool in the kitchen scenes. LL Cool J is technically in the movie, but any actor could have filled that spot for the short amount of screen time. There were a few guest appearances by some chef's you'll recognize if you watch the Food Network. Also a singer I've not seen in quite a while makes an ever so short appearance.

This movie is generally family safe save perhaps one moment in the spa, and that is just a quick few words by the Queen to another guest. You could easily miss it.

As a note, Queen Latifah never looked better than in some of the outfits for this movie!

Go check it out, it's a movie about escape from the everyday grind as much as anything else.
More to come, but this is the first of many movies to go see this year.

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