Monday, January 16, 2006

Movie: St. Louis Cinema's Web Site

As two of my compadres pointed out today, there are more theatres in St. Louis than Wehrenbergs. The site in this short article accounts for three of them that got mentioned today. Two of them are definitely a cut above the norm.

I've visited none of these three cinemas yet, but someone in St. Louis appears to like them!
Visit the website, and visit in person.
Welcome to the St. Louis Cinema's Web Site

I'll post a review as soon as I can get to one of them.


Mike J said...

If you ever go to Austin, Texas you should definitely go the the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema ( They serve a full menu, including beer by the pitcher and wine, in the theater before and during the movie. The rows of seats are spaced out so the server can walk through and set your food and drink on a bar in front of the seats without disturbing you. This also prevents one of my pet peeves, people kicking the seat in front of them (this is a major problem with AMC West Olive 16).

Tojosan said...

Cinema pubs where quite the thing several years ago. One of them, the Cinema Pub Draft house in Norfolk/Virgina Beach are of VA was a pioneer.

The concept appeals to me, and there are a couple of theatres here in St. Louis that offer similar amenities.