Tuesday, February 21, 2006

1 Timothy follow up

Well, Wednesday night went well. The men and women formed one group.

I must say leading the group was a bit different. The men's group is smaller and chimes in more often. I'm not sure how the women's group is normally, but it seems that only a few of them are of the raising hands variety.

Overall though it was a great experience, (thank you Lord). The lesson focused on prayer as a church, and church unity. See 1Tim 2:8 and associated text. Which I should post here somewhere. I used my typical style of reading the core verses and leading the group through the topic. Along the way we stop to discuss the verse and ask questions.

Some of the women shared with me afterwards how much they enjoyed the format, as well as the topic. I had to prompt a few of them to get involved, but no one seemed the worse for wear.

One great question, is it a sin to misquote the Bible if done on accident?

What do you think? If you aren't a Christian, how about in your religion, to misquote your scriptures?

More later,

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headphonaught said...

It ain't a sin to make a mistake... it is, however, to continue to do so if you know it is wrong.