Wednesday, February 15, 2006

1 Timothy, it's in the Bible you know

Our church is currently working through 1 Timothy during Sunday mornings. On Wednesdays, the men's group has been keeping in that vein with Bible study. We often use a read, question, discuss format and incorporate related scriptures.

The women's group though, yes we have seperate groups, usually only references the Sunday sermon tangentially(sp?) and often covers an entirely different subject.

So is this a problem you say? Well, not normally. And overall, not in my opinion is there anything wrong with either group chosing to not always dig deeper on a Sunday sermon. But tonight it's a potential issue.

Our normal women's group leader won't be there, and it is short notice. So the pastor has asked me to lead a combined can see where this is going.

So, where does that leave me? How do you approach leading a combined group such that you make it a postive and fruitful experience for as many as possible, both men and women.

Another downside is that some of the folks won't be early enough to get a heads up and others will. Some individuals are very uncomfortable about being in a mixed group, others have mentioned being excited about the opportunity.

Oh well, didn't solve anything here, but say a prayer it works out.


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