Saturday, February 11, 2006

Things I learned in Animal Crossing

Your community likes it when:
1) you plant things
2) you pull up weeds
3) you don't litter
4) you contribute something back
5) you write letters
6) you talk to people
7) when you get a bigger house

Individuals like it when:
1) you give them a catchphrase
2) you design their clothes
3) you buy their junk
4) you visit their house
5) they can visit your house
6) you send them mail
7) you give them compliments

You'll profit if:
1) you fish
2) collect seashells
3) dig things up
4) mail gifts - you get ones in return
5) buy insurance
6) grow fruit



Mike J said...

How do you profit from buying insurance? I hate when that salesman accosts me at my door!

Tojosan said...

Buy the insurance.

Each time you are stung by a bee he sends you 100 bells in the mail.

Each time you fall on your face he also pays.

Certain wigs, and some holes you run over can make you fall face down.

Shaking trees you get either bees, money bag, an item or nada.

The payouts on getting stung appear to be counted only if you aren't in 'stung face' mode already.