Friday, February 24, 2006

Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection: iTunes, One Billion Suckers Served

Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection: iTunes, One Billion Suckers Served

I almost didn't want to blog a link to this one, since I'd hesitate to recommend the opinion. But in all fairness, it is probably not an uncommon opinion. In summary, if you are using iTunes and ITMS, you are a sucker!

Okay, talk about a wide swath to cut yourself out to support. I'd say as arguements go, they are pretty much over when you start calling names. :)

This post basically comes across with two points(almost one), that Apples DRM and AAC format are a problem. The implication is that Apple is leading folks down the primrose path with this combination.

And why you ask is this setup so evil? Well, the answer according to the blog is new technology. Yes, that's right, new technology. It seems that in the future Apple's DRM/encoding format will no longer supported. Now if you are a technogeek at all, this is probably seems all but obvious. Heck witness vinyl, tape, and wait, people are still using those technologies. Not many, but yes, some.

The solution recommended is to buy CDs. And if you must play them on some music device other than a CD player, well then rip them to MP3 format. At least it's a safe and unlikely target of new technology. I guess Ogg Vorbis, and other's are just not a threat.

Now this much is true, technology evolves, sadly people don't seem to. But just because folks take the easy route with a technology and latch onto it, doesn't make them suckers. CDs are the easy way out right now, but they wear out, they are prone to heat damage and ripping from them definitely has some data loss potential. So these are just as likely to be replaced in the future, if not the near future.

So all the emotion aside, are people suckers? I've always thought so. Do they become bigger suckers for using iTunes/ITMS? Not really.

So, buy what you want, make the best of it, and heck, if you have to buy that music again, it'll be just like old times. (vinyl, eight track, cassette, CD, mp3)



headphonaught said...

Hey Tojosan...

Agree with comment re buying CDs... Don't have that many tracks from iTMS.

However, disagree with attitude towards iTMS - yeah the DRM sucks but I don't think AAC is obsolete, just yet. I can play tracks on my PSP and SE phone.

I don't like techy companies controlling music... but have gotten used to it with Sony.

I'd rather have Apple than Microsoft anytime... Windows Media sucks and would be the standard if it weren't for the fact that the iPod rocks!

Thats my tuppence... Peace and thanks for the comment...

Thomas aka Headphonaught

Mike J said...

I didn't RTFA but I think you're calling AAC "Apple's... format" which is isn't. AAC is a non-free standard like MP3.

AAC isn't a lock-in technique but the FairPlay DRM wrapping the AAC files they sell at the iTMS is not a standard.

There are programs that will remove FairPlay if you want to buy music from iTMS but don't want to risk your music becoming obsolete.

Tojosan said...

thanks for the comments!
@Thomas - thanks for the visit!
@Mike - thanks for clearing up the AAC format things. I mispoke in my blog about that. I should have referenced the site.

And yeah, WMP sucks!