Thursday, March 09, 2006

2005 Theatricle Market Statistics Report - MPAA

2005 Theatricle Market Statics Report (PDF)

All over the net you are going to see that MPAA is saying movie receipts are down. But not one site out of several I visited had even a link to the MPAA, let alone to the actual document with the stats. So here it is. Also see, if the link won't work.

The gist is that receipts were down both in the US and worldwide. Theatre admissions were actually down in the US by nearly 9%.

That's the downside stuff. What you aren't really seeing is the upside stuff. There were more top grossing (>200mill) this year than last. Average gross for MPAA rated films was up over 7%. This is with movie ticket price going up an average of 3.2%.

What the report implies is that viewers are seeking alternatives, mostly in the DVD arena. The report draws a tenuous connection between movie goers into more technologies as being more avid movie goers.(>1 more movie per year on average).

Another factoid is that in several areas cost remained the same or decreased.

I leave it to the reader to decide if any of the statistics in the report or the report overall is newsworthy.

Heck, I'm honestly not sure the MPAA is newsworthy considering this is probably the first time I've visited their main home page directly. :)

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