Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Barnes Jewish Professional Building

Where I went today to learn about diabetes and diet. Believe it or not, this was educational and not entirely unfun.

The presenters were both named Karen. Both were experts in their fields. They walked us through how diabetes works, or more importantly, how insulin works. Also there was much explanation of what are good numbers, when to self test, and what the A1C test is.

Overall great information for anyone who is diabetic or living with someone who is. Not any high tech stuff to show my wife and I, but real world examples and plain talk.

The key thing I got out of it, is that even management of the overal sugar intake is key. Another important topic is that diabetes isn't because you are overweight, but being overweight leads to the evidencing of symptoms more readily.

We discussed meal planning, carb balancing, what carbs really matter, and more in the food arena. The big focus was on reading the labels, and knowing what you eat.

The next session will go deeper into diabetes management and food planning.

Overall value: 5/5 for my time.


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