Monday, March 20, 2006

Custom cubes in St. Louis? Is your workspace user friendly?

If you follow this blog, you know about the wood flooring in the cube. If not, catch up already. :)

Anyone out there, or someone you know customized their cube by more than hanging a picture of their wife or dog? Have you or they moved the walls, taken them down, redone the floor or painted?

Have you moved around your desks? Brought in new chairs, or tossed them entirely for bean bags? Let me here about it please.

And speaking of user friendly is your workspace?
Real daylight or flourescent? Moldly old carpet, or tile? Grays and grays and grays, or splashes of color? Can you roll your chair or even have wheels on them?
Are there decent bathrooms, a cafeteria or a private place to do those nonbathroom private things, like say, take a blood sugar reading, or whatever?

Are offices in St. Louis substandard? Or are office spaces across the US a cruel joke like something out of that movie?

I'd be willing to take all comments on St. Louis cube farms, office spaces, or new and crazy noncube spaces you've been working in.

It is my bet that most folks that program or do other office work, either work in totally open spaces or cube farms, with drab carpet, poor lighting and more ambient nose than with the kids over.

St. Louis is at the heart of the Midwest, and is often behind the power curve by many years in inovations, technology, and even cube design by what I hear. So prove me wrong or right. (That's if anyone ever reads this silly blog.)


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