Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gmail problems... again? (Get some real news)

Gmail problems... again? | | CNET

I'm sorry, but Elinor is a smart woman. Can't she find any real news(smirk) to report. The whole 'blog' entry is about how some folks are complaining about the Gmail uptime, or more accurately downtimes.

Elinor, you could report about my ISP, and its quality of service, and frankly, you'd have gotten more replies. :) Let's see your talent really shine, hunt down a story about the big search gurus sites.

Sorry to rant here in my blog, I'd have posted a comment but I'm about 'free registered' out and heck, I have my own blog. :)

Elinor, find me more fun and interesting stuff to read, not a few folks whining, or a link to someone else's thoughts on pictures about some technoceleb. :)

Make your geeky blog one I come back to more and more.

Over and out,

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