Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Google buys another one..SketchUp

Google buys SketchUp

So what is SketchUp? Here is a quote from their main page:

"Developed for the conceptual stages of design, SketchUp is powerful yet easy-to-learn 3D software. We think of it as the pencil of digital design. This award-winning software combines a simple, yet robust tool-set that streamlines and simplifies 3D design inside your computer. SketchUp is being used by anyone with the desire to..."

The announcement came yesterday hot on the heels of Google's acquisition of Writely.

So is this how Google will keep its edge? It's remarkable factor? Or is this Google making a transition to more than just a search engine?

Well, I for one am anxious to see where they go, and if they can continue to be something folks want to 'remark' about to their friends and family.

My advice though, don't buy things just because you haven't developed them, buy them because they are remarkable in themselves. Do they make you share about them? Did you tell a close friend first? Would you?

I'm watching and blogging you...

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