Saturday, March 11, 2006

I know what kills folks with Diabetes

I figured it out today; I know what kills folks with Diabetes. It is the huge expense of testing strips and needles.

Well it isn't the cost that kills, though those faint of heart my actually faint at the prices. It is the fact that if you were a less than wealthy individual, those test strips alone might come under the 'do I really have to eat or test' category. One box of 100 I priced today was over $90.

That doesn't mean much till you match it with the fact that some diabetics test themselves maybe four times per day, every day. At that rate, that's about a 25 day supply. Hmm, that works out to about 14.5 boxes/year. Or a bit over $1300 for the year.

So what does one give up to afford just the testing strips. Now add in the needles, doctors visits, special low carb foods...well you get the picture.

I no longer wonder why diabetes kills so many. Somewhere, someone is producing those for a few dollars on the box and selling them at an incredible markup to the pharmacy. And magically, now that they've researched eight ways to Sunday how to test your sugar, who's working on fixing the problem.

There isn't an easy answer, and no one person is to blame. But if you are in a position to help, please do so.

Rant over,

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Anonymous said...

Weird that I read this blog today. I just got off the phone with my ex who was complaining that he just came from the pharmacy and had spent $120 on diabetic supplies! Health problems sure do suck (our bank accounts, our energy, our emotional reserves...) Good incentive for taking care of our bodies, me thinks.