Friday, March 17, 2006

Is your work blog taking off?

Or is it a dead end place? Our company doesn't have a blog but some of our developers have one going. And it's pretty much reached a dead end.

Wow, how is that possible? Several bright and not too shy to share folks have access to post there. They can post from work or home. There are projects, great and small going on.

So what's the deal? Do we blog too much at home? Are we really that busy? Is it that no one that can blog cares about it?

Or is there something more insidious that drives folks not to blog? Perhaps fear? But fear of what?

Fear of sharing personal thing by accident? Not likely unless you just get to ranting and hit the ENTER key by accident.

Fear of looking like a fool? Well if you can't say something stupid once in a while and get over it, maybe you shouldn't have a job where you work with actual people. :)

So fear of what? I think it's fear that you are going to say something that gets you fired? So what would give someone that impression?

If we look at lots of other companies, many of them have employees that blog. Witness Google, and Yahoo, and Heck, Microsoft, Apple, and others have corporate and employee blogs galore. It is a rare thing we hear about someone being fired over a blog, and trust me, with bloggers you'd know. :)

So good grief, if you have a place to be vocal and the VP says go for it, then go for it. That is unless you are prone to fly off the handle, call people names, and generally insult the intelligence of said VP. :)

My vote? I'm in for blogging at work if they are going to pay me for that time. :)
And if I shake things up abit, maybe they should be shaking and quaking and all that jazz already.

I'll get back to you at my new job after tomorrow's rant? :) (JK)


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