Thursday, March 09, 2006

A Meditation On the Speed Limit

A Meditation On the Speed Limit - Google Video

Disclaimer: I'm not addicted to Google Video

Okay, so here's another great video. This is a theme based movie create for a campus moviefest at Georgia State Univ. The theme is 5.

The group did a movie about driving 55. Interviews are done with the drivers and camera operators; giving them a chance to describe their feelings about the experience, what they learned, and how it was making the movie.

I'd love to give a try to what they did; well, maybe in my dreams, what with road rage today.

Overall, the production quality of this video is significantly above the average for most posted on Google. The sound was clear, the video capture great, and the action shooting wasn't bad.

A variety of sources were used from various cars, and above traffic as well.

Though I don't agree with their conclusions, it doesn't make this any less enjoyable.

Good job,

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