Friday, March 17, 2006

My work, my work, what do I do?

My work is what exactly? I get asked that about once per week by friends and family.

I mean, hey, I don't exactly do a job you see on TV often. There is no wrench turning, sandwhich making, or plane flying for me. I don't repair sinks or cars. No one consults with me for their brain surgery. So what is it you do again I get asked over and over.

Well, see I sit at a desk and ...Oh so you do office work? Like filing and spreadsheets right?

Well um no, see I work on a computer...Oh so like with a word processor and something?

No, I work with computers...oh so you build them or fix them right?

Not exactly, I'm a programmer, a programmer, so you make programs?

Yeah, at least part of the what kind of programs, like tv programs, radio?


And so it goes...if you want to know what a programmer does, he pulls his hair out...that's what he does.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me laugh!