Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Poetry and prose by my son...

My son recently received this nice certificate:

Poetry Certificate!

A scan of the poem:

Real or a dream - poetry/prose

Link to the poem at

It is an Editor's Choice award from! Good work kiddo! He wrote this poem about a year ago, and has continued improving his work. My son is big into message boards, fan sites, and online communication. As of late, he has become interested in doing more media creation such as videos.


Talk Chalk Episode 3

Talk Chalk Episode 4

Now I'm not saying you should give up the IDF or cable or one of those lower channels, but he is out there exercising his creative talents with friends. I'm all for whatever direction he goes, but if he goes with media, now is the time to actually get some skills. :)

Mostly I think he indulges all of this for the fun of it and the friendship. More power to him!

Best to all,


Rcjsan said...
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Rcjsan said...

Tis be my poem, and videos made by my friends and I