Sunday, March 26, 2006

Union Station - a photoset on Flickr

Union Station - a photoset on Flickr

Yesterday, Saturday March 25th, my family and I took an outing to Union Station in downtown St. Louis. This was part of an effort to get some flickr folks interested in taking pictures at the same general place/time without a specific meet up.

I didn't speak with anyone outside of the St. Louis Flickr group, nor did my family mention it to or ask anyone at Union Station if they were capturing shots for flickr. At least one other photog was there.

One of my personal favorite shots from yesterday is:
Middle of the mall vendor, Union Station

The visit was fun and interesting. People were bustling around just shopping, some relaxing, and others just chatting and visiting with friends. It is a very clean and well lit environment, with lots of greenery. Benches and other sitting places are provided for, and ramps and an elevator for were also easy to find.

I'm glad we went, photos or not.

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