Monday, March 06, 2006

Web users 'only visit six sites'

Web users 'only visit six sites' - Web User News
They needed a survey to figure this out? I do suppose though, that you have to justify or reason out how you want to design your government site.

One of the other factors not mention isn't just aggregation, but not needing to visit some sites. The use of RSS feeds by both feed readers and consolidation news sites removes the need to visit the RSS sites.

Another factor is that 'fun' sites, such as Popcap games are big time wasters. Some folks probably get no further than that. Other individuals may never leave their email site, such as GMAIL, because that is their social focal point.

Of course, just being simply utilitarian, some folks just don't visit any site they don't have a need for. These folks probably don't follow many random links either.

So, how many sites do you actually visit each day? Or do you aggregate, or RSS feed? Or simply go online and flickr surf?

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brianna said...

i visit the same 15 (or so) sites daily.