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The St. Louis Post Dispatch online version has blogs! Who knew?! Not me anyway. I discovered them quite by accident as I usually don't read the Post online or off. Was one of those let's stroll the links things. :)

Not much to say review wise yet, but I was pleased to find they have a good variety of them. I'll let yo know as soon as I check several out if these will be a saving grace.

Please take a few moments to follow the link above and check them out. If you get interested enough, please post a comment here about them or shoot me an email and I'll be glad to post a fresh blog entry for you.


Kurdistan buzzes as other parts of Iraq burn

Kurdistan buzzes as other parts of Iraq burn|

And this just in, Kurdistan new vacation and business hotspot!

Hot off the presses, Kurdistan is the new London according to guerilla turned entrepenuer, Sher Mohammed, in this Reuters' article.

If that sounds funny to you, it does to me too. The article takes a look at Kurdistan as compared to war torn Baghdad. Apparently all types and nationalities of companies are moving in, and the main reason seems to be natural resources. What natural resource of course?! Oil.

So what makes Kurdistan so much better a choice? According to a quote from Omar Fatah, Kurdistan's Deputy Prime Minister, "We have stability. We have security." The article reviews a bit of history regarding why that is so, specifically the US and British no-fly zone.

The region is also offering tax breaks, the ability to transfer funds, and of course oil. Did I mention that already. These key essential should bring other critically low resources into the region. The article points out though that wealth and growth are spreading slowly, and there is a shortage of food, and few new bits of infrastructure in outlying villages.

So, is this where I should go next year for vacation? Or should I head out there to make my fortune? Is this the next Sutter's Mill?

Good luck with that my Kurdish friends!


Friday, April 28, 2006

Monopoly - an old favorite getting a facelift - The Official Site of Monopoly by Parker Brothers

Something fun today, Monopoly! Have you long since forgotten this classic boardgame or play it frequently with family and friends? For us, this has long been on the shelf, but Hasbro is hoping to change that.

Hasbro has plans to revitalize interest in Monopoly in an novel way. They are asking the players to pick the streets! As you might guess, some folks aren't well pleased by this decision. The NY Times is running an article. here., on the reactions of Atlantic City citizens.

For those of you know don't know, the street names are mostly based on real streets in Atlantic City. They were picked by the creator of the game, Charles B. Darrow. Though there have been specialized versions for certain cities and based on movies, the core and main game has not changed significantly in many years.

How do you feel about this? Are the old names and places dear to your heart? Or have you long forgotten there was a board game by that name and monopoly is now something you hear about on the news.

Either way, it might be worth a visit to the Monopoly home page to vote, or at least check out which cities and landmarks Hasbro thinks are worthy.


An Anthem for Immigrant Rights

An Anthem for Immigrant Rights

I'm blogging this because apparently the writer of this article had little to say other than quoting the song. Surely though this is better than shoving a political slant down anyone's throat.

Of course, that's exactly where I'm going with it. Presenting this song as anything but meant to stir things up, as other than troubling, is to give it too much status.

The simple fact is that it isn't apparent that there are any laws guaranteeing illegal immigrants rights at the Federal level. That also irks me, the confusion that some folks try to create, and others have about and even more don't understand about the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. And the fact is that those are two entirely different situations to be in.

Heck, I'm for reducing any kind of immigration, so I'll be hard pressed to get converted to touting "immigrant" rights. I just don't get it, do you, how come folks here illegally can't take some steps to 'get legal'?

Is it that difficult? I'd judge not so much based on the huge influx of legal foriegners coming into the country and taking jobs.

Oh I hear this about how those illegals are saving our society by taking the jobs no one wants. Oh so you are respecting them sooo much by letting them be your slave labor?! Yeah, I'm sure for some of them this is an improvement, but can't you imagine how much better for them if they 'get legal' and can get payed minimum wage, collect social security and unemployment legally, take part as real , paying taxes, joining the military....

Oh wait, they don't want to do those things? That's oppressing to them? That's asking an awful lot? Then go back to whence you came!

All that said, this doesn't mean that these misguided folks and their supporters should be treated with malice or undue harshness, or being cussed at or attacked. Contrary to that, I say we do our best to get them on the right track, make it easy for them to get on the right track, and be as compassionate as we can while encouraging them to shape up or ship out.

Nuff said on that for the night, and if you can't sing the anthem in English, no matter how poorly, then take it your hacked up version back too.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

BetterBlogThis version 2 - Justinsomnia

BetterBlogThis version 2 - Justinsomnia

Modified versionof the BlogThis! button provided by Blogger.

Check this out if you have multiple blogs or want a bit more choice and functionality in your spur of the moment blogging.


Oklahoma Senate OKs violent-games bill | | CNET

Oklahoma Senate OKs violent-games bill | | CNET

I'm not sure I care one way or the other about this, do you? But that aside, the caring that is, why does this place need a law anyway? Isn't the game labeled? Can't each store decide who to sell too based on that? Can't each parent decide what their child can buy?

Blockbuster did this and so did other rental places. The movie theatre controls access based on age, heck we even sell booze like that. Do we really need another law?

Perhaps a better approach would be buyer influence on the stores. But wait, that would require actual individuals to stand up and face the purveyors of such things. And we all know how far that goes.

All that aside, based on recent attempts in other states, I predict this will fail also.

more later,

South Carolina attempt to criminalize...

Sex Drive Daily Blog

I'm liking to this article instead of the source for the chance to link to an unusual blog, the Sex Drive Daily blog, hosted by Wired. This is only one of many daily blogs hosted from Wired's online version, only some of which shows up in their hardcopy.

Anyway, the short blog post refers us to a primary reference(woot!!) here. Basically another "southern" state is trying to ban the purchase of "sex toys." Quote - "The South Carolina bill, proposed by Republican Rep. Ralph Davenport, would make it a felony to sell devices used primarily for sexual stimulation and allow law enforcement to seize sex toys from raided businesses."

Wow, I think we get the picture. The thrust of the move is based losely on a 1973 U.S Supreme Court ruling defining obsenity. We've all seen this definition before, and in some ways, been affected by it.

The primary article has quotes from shop owners and their employees where these type of things are sold in South Carolina. Words like 'outrageous', 'depriving', and 'ridiculous' come from these folks. Of course the ACLU attorney is involved. My quote theft from the article by him - "People think it’s distasteful. It makes for good campaign fodder and panders to the conservative side of people. That’s why we see the laws in the South," - by Mr. Lopez, attorney for the ACLU.

So where do I weigh in? I'm more interested where you way in. Does the government have a right to ban the sale of personal paraphernalia for pleasure? Or not so much? And if they do, should they?

Any thoughts?

BBC looks to MySpace for Web site revamp|

BBC looks to MySpace for Web site revamp|

So the BBC wants to make themselves over as Myspace? Well not exactly, though it makes for a way catchier headline than the BBC wants to model themselves after Wikipedia.

If you are the least bit interested in the BBC, you should read this article. if you are interested in how old guard media should be moving into the world of blogs, downloadable content and user controlled content, then read this short and largely a headline article.

In summary, the BBC is wanting to move into the digital age, first by acknowledging that users have newer and more interesting ways they want to see TV, hear music, and watch movies. The old bube tube is passe to the extreme even in good old mother England.

In the spirit of that effort, they are already pioneering the online BBC iPlayer. On their website, they have RSS feeds, live radio feeds, and other webby stuff. That said, there was not one user customizable thing anywhere on the site. Oh they have user feedback and forums, but come on. That was old news before my youngest was born.

Okay, so maybe I'm being harsh, but I think it's great to have a vision, but why wait for this huge media rollout and massive changes to thier current media and websites. Why not start some blogs today?! Why not get that through the dang show-> podcast trial and get the real thing going? Heck, right now I can watch vidoe of their BBC shows that I find on Google and YouTube that locals have captured, why not off of the dang BBC homepage?!

....shhhh....calm down already....(I'm talking to myself and any riled up friends from mother England)..okay...calm..

All that said, I applaud them, really and truly. It doesn't take a ton of vision to see they should be doing something, but it seems they have better vision and are sharing about it, than a lot of other big old media conglomerates. The BBC should be given at least a small pat on the back and a hefty push from behind, for getting into the groove. (And no, no psycodelic 60s music in the background)

Enough said, read the article, share the joy, cheer a not too proud network to get involved, the BBC.


Wired News: Maker Faire 2006

Wired News: Maker Faire 2006

If you have a few minutes to spare, Wired News has a photo collection from the Maker Faire 2006.

Some of the photos show interesting things, but most interesting to me is how Wired sent an amateur photographer to capture the action. The photos are of average quality at best, some worse than that.

The funny thing is me critiquing it at all. :) I'm fairly new to the photography thing and I swear I could have taken better pictures, especially if I was getting payed.

That said, here's a link to one of my favorites, and only then because of the subject matter:


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Online contest lets “L Word” viewers plot action|

Online contest lets “L Word” viewers plot action

Showtime has broken a bit of new ground here. Anyone interested in show marketing should check this out. (small warning the L Word is about lesbianism) Basically Showtime invited fans to contribute to the creation of a script for the show, a “fanisode”. I'm not sure this has ever been done before but it sounds like fairly untrampled ground to me.

This one statement gives me some hint that the studio even understands what they are doing with this.
“He gave credit to the way in which the contest was presented. ”If it's done within a safe context where the creators are involved in it, and it's structured so fans can share with their friends, it can be very positive,“ Hayes said. ”Ultimately fans become brand ambassadors for the show.“ ”

The key is the brand ambassadors comment. This is what every marketing would love to have; its consumers selling the product for them. (Seth Godin eat your heart out) This very thing is often what is now being commonly referred to as viral marketting.

What I feel about the idea of this show isn't nearly as relevant in this discussion as the fact I like the idea of this. The article indicates that Showtime realizes the fans are dreaming up their own fan fiction anyway, so why not channel some of that energy, with guidance and guidelines of course.

Or perhaps you feel that this is a cheap way to get a show together that fans want. Heck, this is very similar to what some websites are doing, ala Flickr and Digg, with all content being user contributed. (extreme examples I know.) Both of those sites are maddeningly successful. From the article, the show's popularity is up and it's just been renewed.

Will this dabble at something different be something used again? A big hit? Or will it end up being just a one shot marketting ploy, never to be seen again?

What do you think?

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Ben & Jerry's sorry for Irish "Black & Tan" upset|

Ben & Jerry's sorry for Irish "Black & Tan" upset|

Okay, this is going on my list of top 10 things folks misplace their anger about. :)

Do you think that the Ben and Jerry's honestly intended any harm? Heck, do you even think they did a major Google(tm) search effort to see if it would even remotely offend anyone?! My search turned up the #1 hit as a link to an article on Black and Tan brews. Go figure that. :)

Speaking of that, when is someone taking me for a steak and ale?

Do I think making a statement is worth doing on B & J's part? The jury is still out, but I don't believe it hurts. Changing the ice-cream flavor name - NO! Perhaps putting some positive spin on the flavor or even better, starting a marketting campaign to get some Irish folks involved in picking a more suitable flavor.

All said, I'm heading out to buy a pint...of Black and Tan B&J's that is. :)

Test post with Ecto blogging client

Ecto is a blog tool designed with multiple blog types in mind: Blogger, Moveable Type, etc. I'm giving it a test drive to see how it compares to MarsEdit.

I'd like to see this work as well as Mars, as it's cheaper. It installed very cleanly and appears fairly straight forward to use. Let's test italics. Okay, next let's try bold.

Hmm, what else should look for in a blog tool? Maybe some way to automate tagging?

Who knows?! But in any case, if anyone has any comments on this tool for Mac and Windows, please let me know.

Schools may ban hurtful T-shirt slogans|

Schools may ban hurtful T-shirt slogans|

So this is what we've come to, gay pride over free speech, wow! Of course we know which court found that to be the case, U.S 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Do you recall what other recent decisions they issued? Gee, does the Pledge of Allegiance ring a bell?

Anyway, I'd have to side with the one dissenting opinion on this one. For two reasons:
1) Sexual preference is not protected by the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or other government legislation at the Federal level - making the opinion based on that misguided
2) The right not to be angered or hurt by what you see does not exist. Newspapers and other media routinely put out things offensive to just about any race, color, creed and/or sexual orientation. As a matter of fact, so do our schools.

So give it a rest already 9th Circuit folks! I guarantee if this had been a practicing homosexual with a t-shirt saying 'Christianity is hateful', the court would have upheald that students right to wear it.

All of that being my opinion, I disagree with the kid wearing the shirt. A better shirt, more in line with Christian principles vs hate, would be perhaps 'Love over orientation'. Love isn't about how we feel about someone but how we behave because we are who we are.

Over and out for now...

10 Things I love About My iMac

1. iPhoto - easy to use, worked with my Nikon digital camera with no extra software or installation - all the normal editing tools - built in photo calendar!

2. Integration - address book(should be iAddress?) with iChat with Mail - the entries can be shared between these. Also ties in with Safari to auto populate fields that match address book entries for yourself.

3. Friendliness - see previous post

4. Safari - quick and easy to use browser - not any less powerful than IE and supports tabs and RSS feeds natively - built in search bubble that's configurable

5. iSight - the camera is easy to use and comes with its own application

6. Dashboard - out of the box a calendar, local weather, calculator etc are already configured. For my wife, those are essential apps and desired to be easy to get to. Once key access is nice (F12).

7. Consistency - every application has preferences, a system level menu, update checking, etc.

8. Toolbar - small icons of quickly available items - moveable - adjustable behavior - drag/drop to/from - status indicator - preview mode - keeps the icons off the desk

9. Cool tools - I'll just mention one Quicksilver - get it, learn it, love it

10. iWeb - integrated with .Mac - allows multiple site publishing - nice variety of templates - integrated with your HD content(iPhoto, Garageband, iTunes)

There are more things I love but you can see one of the key features I'm enjoying most is the integration of the natively provided applications.

I'm sure there are some downsides to this migration. Any thoughts for or against?!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Google Macintosh Dashboard Widgets

Google Macintosh Dashboard Widgets

The title says it all. Check it out, they do love the mac!

One week on the iMac

So it's been one week on the iMac, and what do you know...I've lived without touching my old PC!

The iMac has been very easy to dive right in and work with. Now of course, I purchased one of the new 20" Intel Core Duo's, so that may slightly bias my opinion. :)

So what's the big deal you say? Isn't it just a personal computer like any other?

Well, no. So you ask, why not. One word: Friendliness!

(yes, it took me a while to get to that one word, so s** me)

From initial login, to the easy of installing my Nikon Coolpix, this computer has all but personally welcomed me. Starting with a well guided first startup, I was on the internet with half an hour of unpacking the box. (I'm saving the box btw.) Heck, within an hour, I was chatting online with friends. Within two hours, posting online, uploading photos, and installing software!

So it's been like that all week. From uploads, downloads, and composition. Speaking of composition, I've never had a computer make me feel so creative. Oh yeah, you say, it's the initial rush. Maybe, but more like first blush.

Just days after the "unpacking", I was putting stuff up on .mac, editing websites, and beginning work on my first try at podcasting. (<-add to dictionary) Honestly, I'm not sure anything is especially easier than it would have been on a my old Windows PC, but it sure seems that way.

So what's the biggest change that I might have struggled with? Closing apps. Yeah, sounds silly, but the hardest thing to get used to is apps that don't close when their window closes. On the other hand, I rarely really want anything closed for an extended period when I'm sitting here.

To close out this positive mac rant, let me balance it by saying I'll probably be buying a slightly larger keyboard, possibly ergonomic and wireless. This one feels a bit small.

More later. Look for some "10 things" posts about the mac.

Best to all,

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Dolphins at the Shedd Aquarium

Dolphins at the Shedd Aquarium
Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
Dolphins swimming by as seen from the below water eating area in Shedd Aquarium.

The aquarium is in downtown Chicago, Il.

There were actually four dolphins in the tank, but they were swimming too fast and far apart to get all four.

Here are two other pictures.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Large Pepperoni Deep Dish Chicago style pizza!

Real pizza isn't dead, just living in Chicago!

We took time out during our vacation to get some Chicago style deep dish pizza.

The place was Lou Malnati's - locally famous as one of, if not the best place for pizza. It took about 30 mins for it arrived but it was worth the wait.

I strongly recommend folks looking for a heavy bite to check out Lou's if you get to the Chicago area.

Over and out,

Friday, April 14, 2006

Grandchildren are in town!

Our daughter-in-law and our three granddaughters arrived this evening around 6PM. It was great to see them, and they appeared equally happy to see my wife and I. We met them at the airport and visited a while before they headed off to settle in for the evening.

Angelina and Alexia gave us big hugs and kept giggling and smiling at us. Dani, the baby, really enjoyed playing with my beard. :)

I'll write more as we get to visit with them, but here's a quick pic.

Sharon and the grandchildren!

This is a test using MarsEdit

I'm posting from my new iMac. It arrived today as expected. Everything works, the setup was easy enough, and I can actually do things on it.

Can't wait to try out more cool Mac toys.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The iMac has arrived!

Not much to say but YEAH! Just received the 20" Intel iMac via UPS about an hour ago.
Getting some basics setup, like chat, bookmarks, and updates.
Can't wait to give it a real spin on photos and music.

More later as I get more into it. You can jabber me at


Rcjsan working the Mac!

Rcjsan working the iMac!
Originally uploaded by Tojosan.
My son seen here enjoying the Mac in anticipation of ours arriving soon.

This was shot at the Apple store in the Woodfield Mall, about 25 miles out of downtown Chicago.

Please see my previous post about this store.

Chicago Vacaation - Photo Collection

Here's one shot from our vacation in the Chicago area:

Here's the link to the set, which btw, is still being added to.

I'll be posting more photos over the next couple of days. I don't want to flood flickr and have them underappreciated you know. :)

More to come, Tojosan

Grandchildren coming to town - Woot!!

My grandchildren and their mommy are supposed to be coming to town this Friday evening!

We are very excited as you might guess. The visit comes as a total surpise to us and them. It turns out a friend of our daughter-in-law basically purchased the tickets without asking her. Now she feels obligated to troop the children and herself out here.

They will most likely stay at that friend's house one or two nights, and sleep over her parent's house most other nights. With both of us working, it will be mostly evenings we visit with them, or on the weekends.

Look forward everyone to more pictures and at least one more post about their visit.

Here's a link to my collection of photos with of granddaughters!


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Apple Store Woodfield Mall

Today we visited the Woodfield Mall, the largest mall in Illinois, and according to them, the #1 tourist attraction in Illinois. Most fun was the visit to the Apple store.

The gentleman that greeted us with pleasant, helpful, and jumped right in on explaining the jam packs, .mac, and iwork! He also took me right up to games after that.

My wife was going to i-spy me something for the new Mac, but we decided to go to our local store and let me point out a few things. While we were doing that, our son was heavy into using one of the 20" macs, checking out websites and playing a game. He was having no problems navigating around, and that worries me. I don't want him too comfy and be tempted to use my new machine. Ha!

The store was nicely layed out, though simply. Hardware along the outside, and software in the middle. In the back, was a large video screen with something playing about music construction. Lighting was more than adequate, and the white minimist features was just a perfect tone for an Apple store.

Were there other stores in Woodfield Mall? Perhaps, but only one was fun!

Trip to Chicago - things we've visited so far

Monday we spent most of the day at Navy Pier. This provided us with both a variety of shops and restaurants to check out. The highlights of our time there were the Funhouse Maze, the Stained Glass Museum, and the Dockside Stompers.

I'll elaborate more on these in a follow up post but wanted to get something out here!

Some portions were closed off, like the Crystal Garden and Pier Park, and the Children's Museum was about $10 per adult. :( So we didn't do that.

The Navy Pier store did provide us a chance to pick up visitor's CTA passes.

More later,

Monday, April 10, 2006

It's on its way! (Apple Mac 20")

In Transit -On Time
Scheduled Delivery:
Shipped to:
Shipped or Billed on:
Tracking Number:
1Z 11X 140 03 3644 152 0
Service Type:
36.50 Lbs
Your package is in the UPS system and is on time with a scheduled delivery date of 04/13/2006.

Trip to Chicago - Full Day One - Monday

Well, getting to some places in one piece can be enough, but not so Chicago! Today we took advantage of a well rounded and cheap breakfast in the hotel itself. Eggs, meat, hash browns, and gravy. Along with milk, water and juice this provided plenty of fuel for our day out on the town.

Our first, and our car's only, was the Forest Park Metra stop. This is the termination point for the Blue Line. Paying to park was new to us, as you must pay before you locate a spot. However the upside is that parking was the cheapest I've seen anywhere. The day rate, or actually the 15hr rate was $3, payable in bills and/or coins. You simply place the recipt on your dash and proceed with your day.

Inside the station itself, we purchase enough on a transit card to allow the three of us to take the train to downtown and for a bus transfer. The train ride was interesting. Having not had the please of riding on Chicago's famous local rail, my son and wife were both surprised a bit at the speed, and sadly the bumpiness. We found the seats were about on par with those on the St. Louis metro both in size and comfort. :(

The train wasn't overly crowded to start but as we neared downtown Chicago, many more passengers boarded. That portion of the trip, though with many stops, progressed quickly and painlessly.

Getting off at Grand, we were able to climb a couple flights of stairs up to the street, where on the opposite side was the bus stop. I want to add at this point that we asked several very polite and helpful people for verification of directions and actual directions along the way and back to the hotel. :)

The bus arrived shortly to pick us up and we were quickly on our way to the pier. Passengers and driver alike were friendly and helpful. The driver made sure we got off at the correct stop along with a couple of other tourists.

And so we landed outside Navy Pier. This place really deserves it's own post, so it will be next.

Over and out for now...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Trip to Chicago - journey and arrival

So we took off to Chicago, Illinois today. We shoved off from the station near our house about 10:30, and arrived in Oakbrook around 4PM. That allowed us a short lunch stop for Hardees along the way.

The trip was thankfully uneventful, with some dozing by the non-drivers on the way. Traffic was backed up and slow on the 70 route, but we opted for the 370 to 270 North connection. No construction slowed our journey, and only mild amounts of traffic provided the smallest hinderance.

So after arriving in one piece, we found our hotel more than suitable. One king size bed and a sleeper couch queen. The king bed is seperated off by a wall with swing out doors.

In the primary section of the room is the sleeper couch, a desk, and a tv armoir. The second part of the room is the king sized bed, a dresser, and clothese armoir. A second tv is on the dresser.

Unfortunately the bathroom is off of the king bed area. Otherwise the room is quite nice.

The hotel is not far off the beaten path and not uncomfortable. I'm currently blogging this from the entrance lounge area on a free computer system. The key of course to clear cookies, and clear history and clean up temp files before I go.

Anyway, more about Chicago hopefully as my week goes on.
Over and out,

Saturday, April 08, 2006

AMC 14 in Chesterfield Mall - Entrance

Chesterfield Mall has recently opened what I will call the AMC wing. This recently renovated and reopened portion of the mall contains an entirely new AMC cinema with 14 screens. Shown here is the mural above the entrance.

The cinema entrance is on the new third level of the mall and is the only thing up there.

I took a series of photos mostly centered around this new section of the mall, specifically in the newly relocated and renovated food court.

Chesterfield Mall set

Enjoy this small sampling of scenes from Chesterfield Mall.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Explore St. Louis

Explore St. Louis
Just wanted to put a quick plug in for a site I sadly just recently discovered.

The blog is written by the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission. I'm not sure what their official capacity is, but their aim is to get folks informed about things to do in and around St. Louis.

Many attractions and descriptions are made mention of, some in great detail. Links are provided to those things were appropriate. There are a few photos, but not enough to slow load times at all.

I'll be visiting here again.

One small comment to them, if they ever see this. There is such a thing as information overload.


Monday, April 03, 2006

What makes the perfect office space?

So what exactly is the perfect programmer's office space?

How about a few things....
1) Natural lighting at least some of the day
2) Flexible working areas(moveable/adjustable table tops)
3) Relatively low noise from outside sources
4) Accessable meeting room

More ideas?

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Zero Tolerance Rocks!

So my buddy and co-worker is in a band! Wow, now I'm famous by association right?! :)

Anyway, his band plays in and around the Ste. Genevieve, MO area. They focus on classic rock, covering the 60s, 70s, and 80s. (Some of my favs in here no doubt.) My friend is the drummer and I'll vouch for his talent and the incredible variety of music exposure he's had.

I've yet to hear them play but they do have the beginnings of a website up. (see link above) It's just a start, but their hope is soon we'll be able to find photos, movies, and music clips on the site, as well as a gig schedule and a way to book them for your club or party.

Here's to Zero Tolerance! May you rock Missouri!

Movie: V for Vendetta

Review to follow: V, I'm calling it that for short, was an interesting movie. The movie is set in the not distant future in London, England. The basic premise is that Britian has cut itself off from a goodly portion of the world, but most especially the United States. Another basic premise is that the government has more going on than just keeping out the insanity of the rest of the world.

Somehow our faceless hero, V, is tied in with this. How exactly we don't find out until a good bit into the movie, and even then, it deals ineffectually with the events which precipitated this future.

One key thing becomes apparent though, that this protaganist is interested in vengence, cold, unfeeling vengence. He also uses aliteration way too much. Oh, and he quotes Shakespeare an amazing amount of the time. :)

The movie takes place over 1 year and 1 day, from the evening of the 4th of November one year until the next 5th of November. It is left for the reader to figure out what is significant about that date in history. Needless to say that has something to do with the plot, and it takes again a while to see how.

The acting by the person playing V could have been better, and was pretty much conveyed solely by voice. The female lead did a much better job. Other characters were basic cutouts with few other exceptions, such as the Chief Inspector, and an actor known to both leads, but in different ways.

Times are bleak, a love is lost, and the government is one out of 1984. This is when V steps in to right those wrongs, and bring justice and revolution. Makes for an exciting backdrop right? But things move slowly, and this movie felt much longer than it was. There were bursts of intense action, then many moments of conversation. The colors were dark in many places with few bright daylight type moments.

Set shots were clearly done in an urban setting much like modern day England. No new techy things stood out at all, and some even seemed almost retro tech if that's possible.

Conclusions...this movie easily could be a slightly alternate version of George Orwell's 1984. There were some lesbian kissing scenes, but not erotic and not the focus. One of the things alluded to being homosexuality, may offend some, but so is also mentioned free religion, including a Koran being shown. There are one or two nude pieces of art, but the movie is otherwise free of that. Strong language was sparse, but violence was prevelant. Almost forgot, there is some torturing of the lead actress, though not overly graphic, it is implied to be.

To be clear, this is not a movie for young children or people prone to nightmares, or easily offended, or paranoid...well, you'll know if you shouldn't go. I recommend for rental.

oh yeah, the link...

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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Our New Home - Church of St. Charles

Our New Home

The construction on our new church home has started.
(No April fooling here!)

The link above takes you directly to some shots taken of the work in progress.

Please check it out and be advised about several photos and potentially slow load time.


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Slashdot | Slashdot Design Changes for Wider Appeal

Slashdot | Slashdot Design Changes for Wider Appeal

Only go to the link if you don't get naseus easily. :)

Slashdot has refashioned itself to be more appealing to the fairer sex.
Well, I guess I'm not even remotely 'fair', woah. This redesign made me want to lose my lunch and dinner, and maybe faint.

Check it out if you have the guts, and your manliness is intact.


Official Google Blog: Cupid's algorithms

Official Google Blog: Cupid's algorithms

Wow, Google is really becoming the portal of choice. Forget eHarmony, or, Google has joined the online match up game.

Where was this when my best friend was looking for a soul mate? He spent endless hours in manual search mode, and has had several poor relationships as a result.

I mean, why search the old fashioned way, when Google Romance lets you search with the best online search engine in the world?!

If I wasn't married, heck, I'd be all over this.

Check it out now!


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Guess what?! We won....

The lottery!!! I'm rich and you know what that more working at you know where.

So what does someone who just won the powder ball spend it on? A new car of course.

And what else to get too but a new computer. Everyone knows I've had my eyes on the latest technology.

Anyway, I'm taking all my friends out for dinner.

So, write me now and let me know what little gifts I can pick up for you.


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