Saturday, April 22, 2006

10 Things I love About My iMac

1. iPhoto - easy to use, worked with my Nikon digital camera with no extra software or installation - all the normal editing tools - built in photo calendar!

2. Integration - address book(should be iAddress?) with iChat with Mail - the entries can be shared between these. Also ties in with Safari to auto populate fields that match address book entries for yourself.

3. Friendliness - see previous post

4. Safari - quick and easy to use browser - not any less powerful than IE and supports tabs and RSS feeds natively - built in search bubble that's configurable

5. iSight - the camera is easy to use and comes with its own application

6. Dashboard - out of the box a calendar, local weather, calculator etc are already configured. For my wife, those are essential apps and desired to be easy to get to. Once key access is nice (F12).

7. Consistency - every application has preferences, a system level menu, update checking, etc.

8. Toolbar - small icons of quickly available items - moveable - adjustable behavior - drag/drop to/from - status indicator - preview mode - keeps the icons off the desk

9. Cool tools - I'll just mention one Quicksilver - get it, learn it, love it

10. iWeb - integrated with .Mac - allows multiple site publishing - nice variety of templates - integrated with your HD content(iPhoto, Garageband, iTunes)

There are more things I love but you can see one of the key features I'm enjoying most is the integration of the natively provided applications.

I'm sure there are some downsides to this migration. Any thoughts for or against?!



Mike J said...

2. More Address Book integration:
* birthdays in address book are displayed in iCal
* URLs in address book are displayed as bookmarks in Safari

4.) "not any less powerful than IE"
Don't you mean, vastly more powerful than IE? Safari supports almost all of CSS1, CSS2 and CSS3 where IE barely supports CSS1 with a smattering of CSS2. It's much easier for us web developers to create sites that look correct in Safari because it supports the standards.

Safari has had a few security problems but nothing compared to IE's spyware epidemic.

7.) The consistency is thanks to the Apple HI Guidelines. It's an interesting document to skim is you're a computing enthusiast and wonder about how to write an application with a great human interface.

8.) What you call "Toolbar" is properly the Dock.

10.) Wait until your son starts using iMovie to edit movies. Garageband lets you edit the audio tracks or add music or effects, or import music directly from iTunes, import photos from iPhoto (with Ken Burns effect option), publish the movie to iDVD or iWeb.

Tojosan said...

By toolbar I did mean Dock, thanks!

Yes. I failed to mention much more compliant!

The howl Apple Guidelines thing seems to be much more effective than any guildlines Windows ever put out..

I'm anxious to get started on other creative projects. The Mac seems to really bring that out in folks.