Friday, April 28, 2006

An Anthem for Immigrant Rights

An Anthem for Immigrant Rights

I'm blogging this because apparently the writer of this article had little to say other than quoting the song. Surely though this is better than shoving a political slant down anyone's throat.

Of course, that's exactly where I'm going with it. Presenting this song as anything but meant to stir things up, as other than troubling, is to give it too much status.

The simple fact is that it isn't apparent that there are any laws guaranteeing illegal immigrants rights at the Federal level. That also irks me, the confusion that some folks try to create, and others have about and even more don't understand about the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. And the fact is that those are two entirely different situations to be in.

Heck, I'm for reducing any kind of immigration, so I'll be hard pressed to get converted to touting "immigrant" rights. I just don't get it, do you, how come folks here illegally can't take some steps to 'get legal'?

Is it that difficult? I'd judge not so much based on the huge influx of legal foriegners coming into the country and taking jobs.

Oh I hear this about how those illegals are saving our society by taking the jobs no one wants. Oh so you are respecting them sooo much by letting them be your slave labor?! Yeah, I'm sure for some of them this is an improvement, but can't you imagine how much better for them if they 'get legal' and can get payed minimum wage, collect social security and unemployment legally, take part as real , paying taxes, joining the military....

Oh wait, they don't want to do those things? That's oppressing to them? That's asking an awful lot? Then go back to whence you came!

All that said, this doesn't mean that these misguided folks and their supporters should be treated with malice or undue harshness, or being cussed at or attacked. Contrary to that, I say we do our best to get them on the right track, make it easy for them to get on the right track, and be as compassionate as we can while encouraging them to shape up or ship out.

Nuff said on that for the night, and if you can't sing the anthem in English, no matter how poorly, then take it your hacked up version back too.


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