Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Apple Store Woodfield Mall

Today we visited the Woodfield Mall, the largest mall in Illinois, and according to them, the #1 tourist attraction in Illinois. Most fun was the visit to the Apple store.

The gentleman that greeted us with pleasant, helpful, and jumped right in on explaining the jam packs, .mac, and iwork! He also took me right up to games after that.

My wife was going to i-spy me something for the new Mac, but we decided to go to our local store and let me point out a few things. While we were doing that, our son was heavy into using one of the 20" macs, checking out websites and playing a game. He was having no problems navigating around, and that worries me. I don't want him too comfy and be tempted to use my new machine. Ha!

The store was nicely layed out, though simply. Hardware along the outside, and software in the middle. In the back, was a large video screen with something playing about music construction. Lighting was more than adequate, and the white minimist features was just a perfect tone for an Apple store.

Were there other stores in Woodfield Mall? Perhaps, but only one was fun!

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