Tuesday, April 25, 2006

BBC looks to MySpace for Web site revamp|Reuters.com

BBC looks to MySpace for Web site revamp|Reuters.com

So the BBC wants to make themselves over as Myspace? Well not exactly, though it makes for a way catchier headline than the BBC wants to model themselves after Wikipedia.

If you are the least bit interested in the BBC, you should read this article. if you are interested in how old guard media should be moving into the world of blogs, downloadable content and user controlled content, then read this short and largely a headline article.

In summary, the BBC is wanting to move into the digital age, first by acknowledging that users have newer and more interesting ways they want to see TV, hear music, and watch movies. The old bube tube is passe to the extreme even in good old mother England.

In the spirit of that effort, they are already pioneering the online BBC iPlayer. On their website, they have RSS feeds, live radio feeds, and other webby stuff. That said, there was not one user customizable thing anywhere on the site. Oh they have user feedback and forums, but come on. That was old news before my youngest was born.

Okay, so maybe I'm being harsh, but I think it's great to have a vision, but why wait for this huge media rollout and massive changes to thier current media and websites. Why not start some blogs today?! Why not get that through the dang show-> podcast trial and get the real thing going? Heck, right now I can watch vidoe of their BBC shows that I find on Google and YouTube that locals have captured, why not off of the dang BBC homepage?!

....shhhh....calm down already....(I'm talking to myself and any riled up friends from mother England)..okay...calm..

All that said, I applaud them, really and truly. It doesn't take a ton of vision to see they should be doing something, but it seems they have better vision and are sharing about it, than a lot of other big old media conglomerates. The BBC should be given at least a small pat on the back and a hefty push from behind, for getting into the groove. (And no, no psycodelic 60s music in the background)

Enough said, read the article, share the joy, cheer a not too proud network to get involved, the BBC.


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