Sunday, April 30, 2006

Kurdistan buzzes as other parts of Iraq burn

Kurdistan buzzes as other parts of Iraq burn|

And this just in, Kurdistan new vacation and business hotspot!

Hot off the presses, Kurdistan is the new London according to guerilla turned entrepenuer, Sher Mohammed, in this Reuters' article.

If that sounds funny to you, it does to me too. The article takes a look at Kurdistan as compared to war torn Baghdad. Apparently all types and nationalities of companies are moving in, and the main reason seems to be natural resources. What natural resource of course?! Oil.

So what makes Kurdistan so much better a choice? According to a quote from Omar Fatah, Kurdistan's Deputy Prime Minister, "We have stability. We have security." The article reviews a bit of history regarding why that is so, specifically the US and British no-fly zone.

The region is also offering tax breaks, the ability to transfer funds, and of course oil. Did I mention that already. These key essential should bring other critically low resources into the region. The article points out though that wealth and growth are spreading slowly, and there is a shortage of food, and few new bits of infrastructure in outlying villages.

So, is this where I should go next year for vacation? Or should I head out there to make my fortune? Is this the next Sutter's Mill?

Good luck with that my Kurdish friends!


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