Friday, April 28, 2006

Monopoly - an old favorite getting a facelift - The Official Site of Monopoly by Parker Brothers

Something fun today, Monopoly! Have you long since forgotten this classic boardgame or play it frequently with family and friends? For us, this has long been on the shelf, but Hasbro is hoping to change that.

Hasbro has plans to revitalize interest in Monopoly in an novel way. They are asking the players to pick the streets! As you might guess, some folks aren't well pleased by this decision. The NY Times is running an article. here., on the reactions of Atlantic City citizens.

For those of you know don't know, the street names are mostly based on real streets in Atlantic City. They were picked by the creator of the game, Charles B. Darrow. Though there have been specialized versions for certain cities and based on movies, the core and main game has not changed significantly in many years.

How do you feel about this? Are the old names and places dear to your heart? Or have you long forgotten there was a board game by that name and monopoly is now something you hear about on the news.

Either way, it might be worth a visit to the Monopoly home page to vote, or at least check out which cities and landmarks Hasbro thinks are worthy.


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