Monday, April 03, 2006

Movie: V for Vendetta

Review to follow: V, I'm calling it that for short, was an interesting movie. The movie is set in the not distant future in London, England. The basic premise is that Britian has cut itself off from a goodly portion of the world, but most especially the United States. Another basic premise is that the government has more going on than just keeping out the insanity of the rest of the world.

Somehow our faceless hero, V, is tied in with this. How exactly we don't find out until a good bit into the movie, and even then, it deals ineffectually with the events which precipitated this future.

One key thing becomes apparent though, that this protaganist is interested in vengence, cold, unfeeling vengence. He also uses aliteration way too much. Oh, and he quotes Shakespeare an amazing amount of the time. :)

The movie takes place over 1 year and 1 day, from the evening of the 4th of November one year until the next 5th of November. It is left for the reader to figure out what is significant about that date in history. Needless to say that has something to do with the plot, and it takes again a while to see how.

The acting by the person playing V could have been better, and was pretty much conveyed solely by voice. The female lead did a much better job. Other characters were basic cutouts with few other exceptions, such as the Chief Inspector, and an actor known to both leads, but in different ways.

Times are bleak, a love is lost, and the government is one out of 1984. This is when V steps in to right those wrongs, and bring justice and revolution. Makes for an exciting backdrop right? But things move slowly, and this movie felt much longer than it was. There were bursts of intense action, then many moments of conversation. The colors were dark in many places with few bright daylight type moments.

Set shots were clearly done in an urban setting much like modern day England. No new techy things stood out at all, and some even seemed almost retro tech if that's possible.

Conclusions...this movie easily could be a slightly alternate version of George Orwell's 1984. There were some lesbian kissing scenes, but not erotic and not the focus. One of the things alluded to being homosexuality, may offend some, but so is also mentioned free religion, including a Koran being shown. There are one or two nude pieces of art, but the movie is otherwise free of that. Strong language was sparse, but violence was prevelant. Almost forgot, there is some torturing of the lead actress, though not overly graphic, it is implied to be.

To be clear, this is not a movie for young children or people prone to nightmares, or easily offended, or paranoid...well, you'll know if you shouldn't go. I recommend for rental.

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