Thursday, April 20, 2006

One week on the iMac

So it's been one week on the iMac, and what do you know...I've lived without touching my old PC!

The iMac has been very easy to dive right in and work with. Now of course, I purchased one of the new 20" Intel Core Duo's, so that may slightly bias my opinion. :)

So what's the big deal you say? Isn't it just a personal computer like any other?

Well, no. So you ask, why not. One word: Friendliness!

(yes, it took me a while to get to that one word, so s** me)

From initial login, to the easy of installing my Nikon Coolpix, this computer has all but personally welcomed me. Starting with a well guided first startup, I was on the internet with half an hour of unpacking the box. (I'm saving the box btw.) Heck, within an hour, I was chatting online with friends. Within two hours, posting online, uploading photos, and installing software!

So it's been like that all week. From uploads, downloads, and composition. Speaking of composition, I've never had a computer make me feel so creative. Oh yeah, you say, it's the initial rush. Maybe, but more like first blush.

Just days after the "unpacking", I was putting stuff up on .mac, editing websites, and beginning work on my first try at podcasting. (<-add to dictionary) Honestly, I'm not sure anything is especially easier than it would have been on a my old Windows PC, but it sure seems that way.

So what's the biggest change that I might have struggled with? Closing apps. Yeah, sounds silly, but the hardest thing to get used to is apps that don't close when their window closes. On the other hand, I rarely really want anything closed for an extended period when I'm sitting here.

To close out this positive mac rant, let me balance it by saying I'll probably be buying a slightly larger keyboard, possibly ergonomic and wireless. This one feels a bit small.

More later. Look for some "10 things" posts about the mac.

Best to all,

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