Sunday, April 09, 2006

Trip to Chicago - journey and arrival

So we took off to Chicago, Illinois today. We shoved off from the station near our house about 10:30, and arrived in Oakbrook around 4PM. That allowed us a short lunch stop for Hardees along the way.

The trip was thankfully uneventful, with some dozing by the non-drivers on the way. Traffic was backed up and slow on the 70 route, but we opted for the 370 to 270 North connection. No construction slowed our journey, and only mild amounts of traffic provided the smallest hinderance.

So after arriving in one piece, we found our hotel more than suitable. One king size bed and a sleeper couch queen. The king bed is seperated off by a wall with swing out doors.

In the primary section of the room is the sleeper couch, a desk, and a tv armoir. The second part of the room is the king sized bed, a dresser, and clothese armoir. A second tv is on the dresser.

Unfortunately the bathroom is off of the king bed area. Otherwise the room is quite nice.

The hotel is not far off the beaten path and not uncomfortable. I'm currently blogging this from the entrance lounge area on a free computer system. The key of course to clear cookies, and clear history and clean up temp files before I go.

Anyway, more about Chicago hopefully as my week goes on.
Over and out,


makuahine said...

Oh I hope you have a good time! How long you staying? (this is Valerie aka anela, btw)

Anonymous said...

Your room sounds terrific! Have a great time in Chi Town.

One question - why do you need to clear your history and delete cookies, etc...?

Is the FBI hot on your tail?


Tojosan said...

Val, Thanks for visiting my site and for writing me a note!!

So far so good, but our young one is bored and his feet hurt. :)

We are staying either through Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.

The reason to clear cookies and history is that some sites, like flickr and gmail, may keep some copies of your stuff and your login information on the PC by default. So I always clear out as much as they let me get away with when using such a machine.

Luckily I discovered they have free wireless in the hotel, so i'm able to use my own PC today, which I brought along just in case.

I'm going to write another post about today.