Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Trip to Chicago - things we've visited so far

Monday we spent most of the day at Navy Pier. This provided us with both a variety of shops and restaurants to check out. The highlights of our time there were the Funhouse Maze, the Stained Glass Museum, and the Dockside Stompers.

I'll elaborate more on these in a follow up post but wanted to get something out here!

Some portions were closed off, like the Crystal Garden and Pier Park, and the Children's Museum was about $10 per adult. :( So we didn't do that.

The Navy Pier store did provide us a chance to pick up visitor's CTA passes.

More later,


Anonymous said...

Maybe you'd like to know what we did at work while you were in Chicago.

Mike and Tim continued bushwacking through documents.

I helped Steve figure out why his program was wrongly denying access to sensitive data for certain users. The problem turned out to be that the program kept track of who was using it in a static (global) variable. At any given time, the program treats everyone as if he/she was the last user to have logged in. It just so happens that the previous maintainer of this app is the same genius who gave us documents.

I spent the rest of the day trying to find a clean way to automatically port a bug fix forward from trunk to production. It's hard because production is now running months behind trunk and we've made a lot of changes. I ended up having to craft a patch for production by hand. Something's gotta give eventually, because if Brent continues to test more slowly than we code, then we will never ship again.

Tojosan said...

Sounds like a terrible lot of fun. :(

And it sounds like rework or refactor or both is going to have to happen before you push anymore changes in with Documents.

I am glad for me though, realizing that I had a better time. Ha!