Sunday, May 07, 2006

10 reasons to write code at home

Do you write code when you aren't at work? Do you create much off work time or is work your only outlet?
If you are a programmer writing websites and web site coding at work, do you even want to touch the stuff and do a personal or even worse a friend's webpage?

How about folks that program on the AS/400? Do you even have access to do that kind of coding at home? Or do you sneak a peak at other coding realms, like C++ or C#? Perhaps Perl or Ruby is your language of choice for playing around?

For me, here are 10 reasons to code when not at work...

1) No one needs to approve me to work on it.
2) I can control the environment.
3) I can work in a language I don't have available at work.
4) I can try out features and fun stuff in code that we don't have time to explore at work.
5) Lots of fun tools and the tools I choose.
6) Playing music while I work.
7) Lighting I can control.
8) Noise I can control.
9) Snacks close at hand...hey a guy has to keep his comment. :)
10) I control the machine - worth a fortune.

So what about downsides or determents for coding at home? Burnout? Boredom? Hate programming for a living?
What do you think?


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