Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dining Out!

Ever wondered about that new chinese place down the way, or about that exotic sounding cajun cookery? Well, I'm wondering no longer or don't intend to anyway.

My wife and I have started a few adventure in dining. We've agreed to try new things, and not just new chinese either. Dining out has been real fun the last several weeks.

Let me regail you with some interesting and fun places we've eaten...
- Ariake Japanse Steakhouse - now this was the most unique place I've eaten in quite a while. This photo doesn't begin to do it justice.

Flaming onion!

- Tango - an Argentinean restaurant - the place was decorated with tango albums on the walls and above, as well as very colorfully painted walls. We had a chance to sample some empanadas and a couple other things. Will be eating here again.

Tango Restaurant - by the bar

- Thai D'Lish - a brand new Thai restaurant not far from our house. Wow! It was well appointed in side, the lady who waited on us was helpful and cheerful. The food was really good. Here's a shot of the appetizer we had.

Triangles with sweet sauce

- Cafe Brasil - guess what they serve! This place was a bit out of the way for us, but came highly recommended. We had the lunch buffet and weren't dissappointed. We really feel though that coming back for dinner would be even better.

Cafe Brasil - off the buffet!

So what's next for us? We are thinking Peruvian perhaps.

Any suggestions? If anyone makes any restaurant suggestions I'm fairly open to trying anything once.

So what's your latest adventure? Was it food related? What? No? Don't you eat?! Get out there, and stop eating Mc...anyway, enough of my food indulgences for the day.

Keep safe and don't over indulge.

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