Sunday, May 28, 2006

I could blog about you if I can't see you tonight...

I love that song, 'I could dream about you'.  It got me to thinking about how I'd have loved to be able to write back and forth to my wife while I was in the service.

Being on subs, my wife was only able to send me family grams while we were underway.  Very short, very screened notes, broadcast publicly, and basically hand delivered to you on the sub. (after passing through several hands).  My communication back to her were the few letters I'd write and send out when we got in port for a few.

Military folks today though have some real options we didn't have.  For example, my son, stationed in Iraq, he's Army, has internet access.  Because of this, we have been able, and his wife as well, to keep in touch with him every few days via instant messenger services.

I feel though we've only scratched the surface. Why limit himself to instant messages and email?  Why not blog and post pictures?!

He's not tech geek, but I don't believe the overhead to start a blog is that great.  I've suggested things like that too him but no go.

Heck, makes it easy to upload and share photoes. Blogger makes it easy to build and post to a blog.

What to do for those not overly computer friendly? How about a command blog?  Nothing military related so much as geared toward pics, thoughts, and off duty fun.  Maybe someone in his command will start something like this.

Okay, one final idea.  How about the wives or spouses blogging individually or together., to give their partners in Iraq some fun stuff to read.

I know I'm off the deep end but hey, it's a blog, and someone somewhere might just be entertained.

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