Saturday, May 27, 2006

Microsoft Office Genuine Advantage now available

Microsoft Small Business Community Blog : Microsoft Office Genuine Advantage now available

I'm almost sorry this didn't make the major headlines. It really deprives me of a chance to hear my brother call and ask me a computer question.

"Yeah bro, what's up with the genuine thing?", my brother asks.
"Oh, it is supposed to be this automatica validation of ...", I start to say.
"Vali what?"
"Ok, Microsoft is wants you to make sure your copy of Windows is legal."
"How could it not be, it came on my computer?"

And so on, with me ending up telling him that it will probably be something he sees a prompt for during his MS updates run. That would result in the conversation about how he doesn't know anything about his computer updating with MS.

So thank you to all the major media that didn't make this a big deal. One less goofy computer related call I have to take.


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