Sunday, May 07, 2006

Music to program by

What do you listen to while you program or design things on your computer? Do you listen to classical? Pop? Opera?

At home I listen to a stream of my favorites, the top of the top in my ratings. At work I've been listening to latin guitar with a classical flair. It's just the right amount of upbeat without being too dance music mode. The lack of vocals actually makes it less distracting.

Some of you though balk at the idea of listening to music while you delve into a programming problem. The distraction factor is too high you say. Perhaps so, but sometimes a bit of music while I'm chunking out code really helps get my head out of the distracted mode. I'm able to shut out noises such as nearby cube buddies talking, or my other cube buddy's squeeking monkey, or my boss droning on...Wait did I type that? :)

So what's your take, music or none? If music, what kind? If not, why not? Come on, I dare you to tell me you listen to Barbara Streisand.

Coder at large, or large coder, take your pick

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