Monday, May 22, 2006

Personal Data on Veterans Is Stolen

Personal Data on Veterans Is Stolen
Just a quick note out there to all veterans, your social security number may be compromised.
Now that your scared, sit back and read the article.

What kills me is that in this high tech age, that the greatest theft of social security numbers in history was stolen by brute force. Of course the target in this case wasn't the data at all it appears, but a laptop in the home.

For me though, that begs the did they know there was a laptop there to steal? And why not take other things? (obvious answer here, it's easy to take if you can grab just one thing)

So why did this man feel the need to take this home? Was the pressure to perform that great? Did he intend to take sensitive data home? Was he instructed to? Does the government routinely encourage this?

Heck, makes me think of my job in IS. They are always supposing that we take our laptops home at night. Of course they presume we'd do that because we might log in from home and decide to keep up with emails or project notes. The downside is that if I do log in, and happen to leave a session going, and just happen to make a round trip for tea refills, poof, someone could steal data from my employer. They wouldn't get anything of value of the HD, but they would have an open shot to critical business data.

That sort of unattended laptop thing never happens of course.....


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